Motherboard and Memory for Q6600 - DDR2 or DDR3??


I'm putting together a computer for the first time.. I've come to the conclusion that I will use the Q6600 processor..

I'm going to use the computer for normal work, but it's still going to be one of the fast ones, because I'm editing images for homepages and bookmarks and stuff like that in my spare time, and my laptop (AMD TL-58 1,9GHz 2GB RAM) was simply to slow for the big images.. I'm going to have 1 or more virtual computers/servers running for some school work, so it should be able to handle this too..

But at the same time I have a budget, that means, it's not going to be a overkill gamer pc.. I'm just looking for a computer for simply use, which is fast and able to handle more things at the same time without crashing.. And still I want to be able to use this computer for the next many years if possible.. ;)

but yeah, I've chosen the Q6600, but now I need a motherboard and some memory.. I've never overclocked a computer before, but i was considering to try it, because I've read that the Q6600 should be able to be overclocked quit much.. So if the motherboard is able to do this and still be stable, it would be nice.. ;)

I've been looking at Asus P5KC and P5K-E/wifi or what's it called.. and that's about the price range I'm able to give for the motherboard.. I've heard ASUS and Gigabyte should be good, and that Abit is just something cheap.. ??

Should I buy DDR3 or can I still use DDR2 ?? Are the difference so big that I should get DDR3 and spend the more money on this ??

I'm planning on buying the Asus EN9600GT Silent..

Thanks for the help ;)

Kind Regards Stephen
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  1. Okay, I think I found the parts I want:

    CPU: Q6600
    RAM: OCZ Titanium 2x2GB
    VGA: EN9600GT Silent HTDI
    PSU: Antec EA 500EC - Already bought

    What do you think about it ??
  2. The Q6600 is still capable. You should go for DDR2, its cheaper. Even if you plan to OC it will still have enough headroom.
    Edit: do you really need a wifi board? A normal one is cheaper. Asus, gigabyte or abit will do. (abit is not 'cheap' btw :P)
  3. such as ??
  4. Okay, I came to the same conclusion about DDR2 vs. DDR3..

    It would be nice with wifi, but not needed.. then I just have to have a longer cable and a switch in my room..

    Okay.. Abit isn't .. ? I meant the build quality .. But which motherboard would you suggest then ?

    It's going to just be a cheap computer, so unless the 45nm is REALY better than 65nm and worth the money, I don't want to change to a new one..
  5. If you are on a budget, like blackwidow said use ddr2 and drop the wifi board. I would use Gigabyte or ASUS for the mobo. I now prefer Gigabyte as a 1st choice but they are both good brands.

    I wouldve bought a more powerful video card for what you are wanting to do.

    There is a special from tigerdirect on referbed EVGA cards: (was 300.00 when they came out)

    You will need one 6pin power connectors for this video card so check your psu for those connectors. You could get an adapter if you dont. It should come with one but its a referb so it may not. Its referbed from EVGA so I think for the price its trustworthy IMO.

    There are some other good options that are economically friendly. Go here to find what you want on the charts then check the internet for price comparrisons:,30.html
  6. no reason to go DDR3, it's too expensive for now.

    Your "cheap" computer will still provide great performance.

    You can always pick up an inexpensive wifi card if you decide you can't live without it.

    Asus and Gigabyte mobos are great. Gigabyte boards are a little easier to overclock, while Asus boards usually offer more tweaking options in the BIOS

    my only further recommendation, since you're saving some dough on memory, processor, and board, is to look at an 8800gt or perhaps a 4850 for the vid card. those will provide you a little more future "gameability", though if you stay with the 9600gt, you'll probably still be ok, depending on your monitor size and preference for higher in-game settings
  7. The reason why I chose EN9600GT Silent, was because the EN8600GT Silent didn't have the opportunity of using HDMI with sound.. And I don't think I need more power on the video card.. I'm not a gamer ;) but I'm going to use a 24" samsung screen as primary and 42" flat-tv for movies (via HDMI).. but is there a cheaper video card with possibility of using HDMI with sound.. ??

    Do you have any suggestions for which motherboard I should choose ??
  8. Ati cards have onboard sound (seperate or through HDMI and no need to connect gfx card to sound card). Don't know if you'll find a silent one. But a 3850, 3870, 4670(?) or 4850 (the hot one) should do at that resolution
  9. I would suggest the gigabyte P45 board
  10. blackwidow, thanks :D

    if the hardware is newer, it should be better, right .. ?? so I should chose a P45 motherboard .. ?
  11. A bit yes
  12. I would get the Gigabyte P45 motherobard.
  13. okay.. it's cheaper than the P5K-E wifi too .. nice ;)

    about the grafic card.. which brand (I don't know if it's called so) should I go for.. ?? Sapphire, Gigabyte, Asus, Gainward .. ?? I would like a "silent" if possible.. and about the same price range as the Asus EN9600GT Silent..
  14. Sapphire, Gigabyte and Asus are good brands.
    Graphics cards are more or less the same, except for cooler and warranty.
    Check price, cooler quality and warranty.
  15. Why should I choose the P45 Gigabyte instead of the P5Q SE/R??

    do you have any specific graphic cards in mind ??
  16. Ive had bios trouble with 2 asus boards before and gigabyte has a good track record.
    Sapphire usually have custom cooling on their gfx cards that should be cooler/silent. And some Asus ones too. Can't find one for you now, posting from my phone
  17. okay, one of my colleagues have bad experiences with Asus motherboards, but I know the school where I'm taking my education (IT) is using Asus motherboards and graphic cards.. the newest computers they are using have P5E deluxe and EN9600GT Silent..

    But is there any reason for me not to buy the EN9600GT HTDI Silent ?? Are the ATI cards faster or the same speed but lower or same price.. ??
  18. If I wouldn't choose the Gigabyte MB, but a board with a little more features such as e-sata for example, which board should I choose.. ? or is the GA-EP45-DS3L good enough compared to the P5KC, P5K Pro and P5K-E Wifi.. ?? the last MB has E-sata.. I don't know if I'm going to use it, but it would be nice to have just in case ;) :P
  19. The 9600gt is a decent card - i'm running one at the moment.
    There is a gigabyte board that has e-sata. Go to newegg and look under the P45 boards. It costs a bit more though, only take it if you are going to use it. For wifi, get a seperate PCI card. Its more flexible. With the ATI cards that i listed above, only the 4850 is faster and the 3870 is about equal.
    Sorry that i cant link you! Got no internetz at the moment (phone again)
  20. okay.. then I just think I will get the EP45 DS3L.. if that's good enough for me..
    Thank you very much for your help Blackwidow :)

    What do you think about the Sapphire RADEON HD 3870 512MB with DDR4 single slot.. ?? it's not a silent, but it looks better than the 9600GT on the specs, but at a lower price.. or the Sapphire RADEON HD 3870 Ultimate Edition 512 DDR4 - is this one is silent, or should you just buy the fan youself .. ??
  21. Can I use the OCZ Titanium for the Gigabyte MB and Q6600, or should I choose something else .. ??
  22. The titanium is fine, ocz are very good. 3870/9600gt are about equal. They trade blows so to speak. The sapphire ultimate is probably an overclocked version. If you can, buy the normal version and get a nice zalman heatsink (vf1000). That would be the coolest/quietest route.
    EDIT: i googled up on the titanium. It's DDR2-1066. You won't need that speed if you don't overclock passed 400mhz. Get DDR2-800, its cheaper and you could get more of it too
  23. okay.. would you suggest using some other RAM instead ??

    okay, but the specs look like the ATI is best.. GDDR4 instead of GDDR3 and faster and so on .. ??
    hmm I think I will choose the Ultimate edition, because it also has silent cooling, so I don't have to switch this myself.. and it only costs 100 Danish kroner more than the "normal" sapphire 3870.. about 20 US dollar..
  24. Have a look at OCZ Reaper or OCZ Platinum. Just make sure you get the DDR2-800 version
  25. Reaper or ReaperX ??

    Hmm the most expensive, Reaper, has latency CL4, Titanium has CL4 and the cheapest Platinum has CL5..
  26. Crucial Ballistix CL4
    OCZ Titanium 800 CL4
    OCZ Reaper HPC CL4
    OCZ Reaper HPC CL5 @ 1.8v (the same as the one above, but you have to enter timings manually & increase voltage)
    CORSAIR XMS2 Dominator CL4

    Well theres a list, but I'd take that Platinum with CL5 as long uses 1.8v.
    Timings really don't make much difference

    Is this the Sapphire card?
    Looks nice!
  27. Yes that's the Sapphire card I have been looking at.. ;) yeah I thought so too.. :D

    why would you choose the Platinum, if it isn't as good as the others ??
  28. I tested my own RAM (Budget stuff) at different timings CL3, 4 and 5. It made hardly, if any, difference at all.
    this is it? It actually has CL 4-4-4-15 timings at 1.9-2.1v, which isn't bad.
  29. so I should just choose Platinum instead of titanium and reaper.. ?? no it's the 2x2GB I'm looking for..
  30. It's up to personal choice. Get the one that offers more 'bang for buck' for you
  31. I have no idea what's best.. :S
    but one of my colleagues said I should choose titanium or reaper.. so I think I choose the titanium, depending on which I can get from netshops fast..
  32. Just remember to set the correct voltage/timings in the bios and to set the memory divider at 1:1. Happy building!
  33. what do you mean ??? I'm not that good at the hardware :S ;) I just ordered the motherboard and graphic card earlier tonight, so I should have it monday.. then I just need to order some RAM during the weekend, and my new computer is complete :D
  34. Just a question..

    I got my PSU yesterday, but the box wasn't the original box.. thay had used a box from another PSU and turned the inside out, so you wouldn't notice.. Should I return the PSU and claim my money, or should I just use it if it works.. it has the normal Danish warranty and so on as with new products, I just don't know if it has been used before.. It doesn't look like it..
  35. So they build it for you?
    Sounds like the PSU is a returned item. I would ask for a new one, you don't pay money for (possible) junk
  36. no , I'm going to build et myself.. by complete I just meant, then I got all the parts ;) but what did you mean by "Just remember to set the correct voltage/timings in the bios and to set the memory divider at 1:1" ???

    okay.. I thought so too, but if it works, there's no reason for sending it back.. ?? I still got the same warrenty as if it was new.. ??
  37. The settings i mentioned are all related to the memory and must be set in the bios. A bad PSU can damage a system
  38. Okay.. how do I set/control these settings so they are right .. ??

    hmm. how can I find out if it's bad .. ??
  39. wow I just got graphic card and motherboard :O :D :D the cooling grill (or whatever it's called) on the graphic card is HUGE :O I don't think I have to worry about temperature on the graphic card :O ;) I can't wait to get this computer together :D
  40. englandr753 said:

    There is a special from tigerdirect on referbed EVGA cards: (was 300.00 when they came out)

    For $10-$20 more you could get a brand new 8800 GT.
  41. I got the rest of the parts yesterday.. I only need RAM now..

    So my computer looks like this:
    Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L
    Sapphire HD 3870 Ultimate 512 MB GDDR4
    Antec Earthwatts 500W
    250GB WD SATA
    Aero Cool ExtremEngine 3T

    (Monitor: Samsung 245B)

    So how is it with memory and FSB and processor and all that stuff.. how do I "calculate" which FSB (or whatever it's called) the memory should have ??
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