Installed internal floppy wont work

just installed hp internal floppy drive.

I checked all connections.
I turned on computer and there is no activity when I insert a floppy disk.
Is there something missing?
I thought the windows xp would recognize this.
thank you in advance,Cynthia
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  1. Floppy cable to Mobo
    Power connector to floppy, in the correct direction.
    Does bios see the floppy?
    Set bios to boot from floppy first, now it should make noise every tiome you boot.
  2. thank you-
    power connector inspected and in order.
    Bios does not see floppy
    booted- pressed 'f2' key , got to 'BIOS'
    found floppy and checked for 3.5 floppy to be "on"and recognized.
    It is working, i AM HAPPY
    and many thanks for your response.
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