3yr old ASUS, need GPU upgrade - help! (compatibility)

I am in a bit of a situation here where i need to buy a new rig, but it may be a few months and i desparately need a performance increase from my old GeForce 6800 ultra GPU... playing Warhammer Online at 12 - 15 constant FPS (using lowest possible settings in game) is killing me guys.

So, here is what i was going to do:

Buy the new GPU, use it with my current old rig, and wait a few months to buy all the rest of my new setup.

(Question 1: are the new nVidia GPU's compatible with a 3 year old ASUS mobo?)

{if not, what is a cheap temporary GPU solution that IS compatible}

Buy a new case and move my parts from the alienware case to a new case (its a 3 year old alienware rig with some heating issues)

(Question 2: are alienware setups built any different to where i shouldn't try to transfer cases, or is it just a fancy looking over-priced case/brand with parts that i could have spend half the amount on; and is easily transferable from case to case)
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  1. Please list your asus board model number; the power supply specs off the alienware case, and your video card budget for recommendations. Chances are you'll be fine reusing some of your old components.
  2. We need a lot more info. complete parts list including PSU please.
  3. alright, sorry about that guys, in about 2.5 - 3 hours i'll be home and can give the necessary info :/
  4. Yeah, like what's your CPU, Mother Board, and PSU. If you got an AGP slot you're pretty limited, but I'm guessing you got PCI-E since it's an Alienware.
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