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:( Hey! So I have own a Dell XPS 400 Desktop Computer, for the past 2 and a half years it has worked fine, but today I went to turn it on and as it was booting up it froze, and each time I have tried to turn it on, it does the same exact thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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  1. Be willing to bet your MoBo is dead. At what point does it freeze? Does it start to post or show anything on the screen?
  2. There should be a set of diagnostic lights on the machine (in back). Can you tell me the order of Green/Orange they are being shown?
  3. This might be off-topic, but CompTIA... your avatar scares me.
  4. With sketchy info I'd bet on the PSU or, the Hard drive, or maybe even ram.
  5. 1st open the case and vacuum all the dust etc out of the case. Next lightly blow the rest of the dust out from cooling fins, fans, power supply, CPU. being carefull not to spin-up the fans. Use nozzle from like WD 40 can or plastic wire tie to keep fan from spinning. Be carefull! Retry when done.
  6. I have encountered this type of problem many times and it is normally caused by improper shutting down of the computer. To fix start recovery console from your XP CD and scan the disk. If this dosn't cure the problem do a repair install of windows
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