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Hey guys,

I have not seen this discussed here, thought I might share my expirience.

I installed my crossfire 4870 system last week and was rather disapointed by its overall performance and stability. STALKER does not launch all of a sudden, flickering in a large number of games, just OK performance in most new 3D games, etc etc etc.

Well I installed Cat 8.7 beta and have to say I am rather happy now. No more stuttering, FPS in WIC jumped from 43 average to 50 on all settings set to max :), everything is just lovely, about as stable as Beta drivers go. Highly recomend installing it (just google Catalyst 8.7 Beta)
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  1. the officials should be out soon!!!
  2. Yeah, in a couple of weeks they will be out. Hey if they helped you out though, congrats. Did you notice any other improvements?
  3. define soon?
  4. Actually yes SpinachEater, lower GPU temps, I am using an aftermarket cooler and my idle was 60 now its 47 load was 80 now its 60 tops after a stress test. very nice!

    Bioshock, Crysis, COD4, and WIC all look amazing and run VERY smoothely. I was a huge nVidia man, just never saw the reason to change horses. That is untill these cards came out, and my other choise was a single GTX 280. Screw that!

    Couldnt be hapier with the drivers and the cards themselves.
  5. now :) 2 days after. that soon :D
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