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I just ran Prime for 3hrs. with no errors. When i went to restart to get back into my bios it skipped the Gigabyte screen and went right to the verifying dmi pool screen and half of it was purple. Then when loading windows i had short vertical lines all through the screen but it still goes into windows ok. Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. Did you have something overclocked? It sounds like the video card is overheated, but maybe the NB. Let everything cool, reset to default clocks and try again.
  2. Yes- i was testing for stability on my 720 BE OCed to 3.6Mhz with my multiplier at 18x with voltage reading 1.392 on cpuz. I have the Saphire Radeon 4830 OCed to 700/1100 but havent had any problems. How would my card overheat? Prime just tests cpu and memory doesnt it? I mean i hope thats it cuz ,an would i be upset if i fried my cpu or mobo. I'm scared :(
  3. And now i cant get into my bios to switch back to the onboard graphics to see if that is the problem. Oh my !!! what can i do ?
  4. hey all ! I got it back up. i just didnt leave my cmos battery out long enough for it to clear. everything is fine with the onboard graphics so i am rma-ing my 4830 and getting a new one. thank you
  5. Glad you got it working again.

    Prime does test just the cpu, but if you manually OC your video card, say with ATI tray tools, you could leave it on a OC profile. That may or may not generate enough heat to hurt the card, but if you had a weak cooler, or live where its hot (its summer...) that could cause the card to cook. Video cards overheating tend to show corruption or other weird artifacts when they get too hot.
  6. Thank you. It was the card. I RMA'd it and should have my new one this week sometime. I will monitor my temps on the card a little better this time to make sure it doesnt happen again. I used CCC to OC it. Had it up to 700/1100 and it was going fine but i guess it just got too hot. Might have to look into a gpu cooler if i cant keep the temps down.
  7. Check out Ati tray tools, and GPU-z. Both allow you to throw up a little temp gauge on your task bar.
  8. Cool ! Thanks :) As soon as i get my card back i will check them out. Would it be worth crossfiring the 4830? They are inexpensive and can OC almost to a 4850. Seems like it wouldnt be too bad.
  9. That's a good idea. Check out the review link found on this page:
  10. Good article.Pretty much put it all in the basket for me. Looks like xfiring the 4830's is a route i will take. Thank you for the link.
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