Pulling my hair out!!!

ok.....rig in my sig.

having a real wierd problem with my pc/graphics card.

basically, when i boot in safe mode its fine but when i boot into vista normally, i have these wierd horizontal lines of mashed up pixels then bsod.

if i remove the driver then boot into vista normally, all is ok(apart from the fact the res is mucked up,cant game or use aero,etc). so it must be a driver issue.

ive tried driver removal and re-install(using vista,aint tried drivercleaner,gona try that today),system restore and general fiddling with anything i can think of.

the only thing i havent tried yet is a re-install of vista (because i cant find my vista disks anywhere :S)

have spent hours trying to figure this out!!! HELP!!!
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  1. I will post your sig rig details to save time for others...=o)
    antec 900
    msi p35 neo-fr2
    Auzentech X-Plosion

    Use a process of elimination with your individual hardware.
    I would advize default settings on all hardware and see if you can swap vga to test. (eg declock cpu)
    Also test with one stick of ram if you can.
    Also remove and reseat ram and VGA
    Your assumption that it is a driver issue may not be correct.
    I have seen your symptoms when the 3d hardware (GPU/Vram) has decided it cant take the load anymore...
  2. Like you say it does sound driver related, so I have ot ask the easy question, are you using the most current driver from either nvidia or ati? Your Sig is not there so I cant see what video card you have, but I would go to either nvidia or ati and not the site of the manufacturer such as asus or evga for example. If that dosent work you may just have a defective card. Was there a time when this card "did" work? Or does it work correctly in another machine?
  3. its been working for nearly a year with no problems.

    ive tried plenty of different drivers including the most recent ones.

    ive removed all overclock settings for all hardware. temps were fine throughout the period any overclock was on. voltages were also never changed.

    i dont have access to any other machine until september so i cant try that.

    atm im running my old firegl v5100, which just dusnt cut it gaming at 1680x1050, even CS:S which at the end of the day, is the game i cant live without *embaressed face*

    cheers for posting rig details suspect, i dunno y my sig aint showing :S

    i got a feeling the vram may of decided to pack its bag and leave :(
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