Motherboards without intergrated devices.

Can someone help me with finding a motherboard without a intergrated sound, video, ethernet? I want to take everything from my old system files windows xp pro, a floppy drive, DVD-RW drive, harddrive.
I would like to go with Intel.

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  1. No such thing anymore. You will get sound and Ethernet, like it or not. They can be turned off if you want to use your cards... but why would you?

    You give no budget, and do not list what processor you want to put in it.

    You do not say what graphics card you will put in it.

    We can't make any recommendations with so little data.
  2. ^+1. The chances are if your system is ~4 years old the new integrated sound/ethernet are better than your 4 year old ones.
  3. Yep, there are lots of choices for boards without integrated graphics.

    But as stated, unless the rest of your hardware you are adding is pretty new, it's probably not going to be as good as what the motherboard comes with.
    Almost all boards have integrated sound, which is better these days than most low-midrange sound card you can add in.
  4. Unless you've got some emotional attachment to a particular NIC, there is no reason not to use the onboard ethernet. Generally speaking, integrated ethernet offers less latency than an add in PCI card.

    When it comes to onboard sound, even if you have 5.1 speakers, integrated audio meets all the average PC user's audio needs. Unless you need specific inputs, do a lot of audio editing, or demand absolute fidelity, then integrated audio is the best/most cost effective way to go.

    For video, there are plenty of mobos that do not have integrated video. In some cases, like ATI's hybrid Crossfire or nVidia's hybrid SLI, combining an onboard GPU with a dedicated GPU has some advantages. Truth is, unless you are into gaming or video editing, onbaord video meets most/all the average PC user's needs.

    As mentioned, regardless of whether the mobo has these devices integrated or not, you can turn them off or on at will in the BIOS.
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