core2duo core temperatures

i have a core2duo e8500 running at stock speeds.

today i installed a xigmatek 1283 heatsink.

i used speedfan & coretemp to check the temperatures after and these were the results

Core0: 39C
Core1: 28C

Core0: 44C
Core1: 33C

these temps are when the comp is just sitting idle in vista.

i find it strange that there is an 11C temp difference between the two cores. i'm using the backplate mounting bracket for the xigmatek and have made sure that the heatsink is mounted evenly.

before this xigmatek, i was using the stock intel heatsink and i had a temp difference of approx 10C between the two cores and Core0 was around 52C and Core1 was aruond 42C at idle. so using the xigmatek dropped the temps by 10C but the difference between the two cores still exist.

looking at this pic of the core2duo, the cores are split vertically right? with left being core0 and right being core1?
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  1. It depends on what Tjmax they have decided is accurate. Use Real Temp and ignore those, it's more accurate. Also read the Installation & Calibration Page, the e8500 suffers from the same problem.

    You should read Comps Core 2 Quad and Duo Temperature Guide as well, especially if you are planning to OC.

    Yes the cores are split vertically. What difference does that make?
  2. i used realtemp. the readings were (idle)
    Core0: 35C
    Core1: 24C
  3. my room temp is in the mid 20's, a temp of 24C on core1 doesn't seem right.

    btw Distance to TJMax was Core0: 61 and Core1: 72
  4. The server was screwed up, so I sent you a PM. I deleted it and here it is.

    The problem that you are having is probably the result of a sticking DTS.
    Test Sensors
    The recent transition by Intel to 45nm has resulted in some of the DTS sensors showing signs of sticking at low temperatures and not functioning the way users would like them to. If your DTS sensors are sticking then no software in the world is going to be able to tell you accurate core temperatures based on inaccurate data. Different reported temperatures at idle is one possible sign of trouble. "Test Sensors" performs a quick test where it loads up each of your cores and measures the change in the individual DTS data for each core and reports the results.
    I urge you to read the Installation & Calibration Page if you haven't read it already, which is the way it looks based on your question.
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