Xigmatek Dark Knight Bracket?

I'm about to purchase the hardware for my first build. I'm looking at the Xigmatek for my heat sink, but I need to know whether I need to buy a bracket for my AM3 CPU. Do I need to buy a bracket?
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  1. You're talking about the Xigmatek Dark Knight S1283? (That's the first thing that appeared on a Google Search, which you should've taken the time to do :P) Yes, you'll need a bracket to make that work with your CPU, since it's not designed for the AM3 socket. Also, keep in mind that this fan is 160mm tall, something you should consider when trying to fit components inside your case,
  2. My case, the Cooler Master Storm Sniper, should be plenty large for the heat sink.

    I did do a google search, I probably just used the wrong search phrase. Could someone please provide me with a link to the correct bracket? I checked Xigmatek's web site, but I couldn't find the correct one.
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