Upgrade or New System? (Old system: X2 3800+,2gb,7900gs)

I reached the point where I think I need an upgrade. I have about £200 budget (not much lol)

My current computer:

X2 3800+ SktAM2 (~2.4ghz,)
2GB RAM (PC6400 ~840mhz) (Nothing wrong there)
EVGA 7900GS Superclocked (~550mhz core, 740mhz memory)
NZXT Apollo (CPU@37 idle, gpu@43 idle, stock cooling)

I checked my mobo's webpage, I upgrade to a phenom.

What do you think is the best option for me?

I've been looking at the HD4850, then I noticed that the 9800GTX+ is coming out soon. So now I've know idea what card to get and my current rig blows (lol). My other major problem of course is my CPU, which would really bottleneck any new GPU.

So should I just upgrade my current system or buy a new mobo?
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  1. well if you can upgrade to phenom you might just want to stick with your mobo. intel makes better quad cores in my opinion but the phenoms are just fine( if you dont get one with core problems) and you should definatly get the 4850. the 9800gtx+ is probably not going to be worth it. and it does not perform better than the 4850. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-hd-4850,1957-14.html
  2. What motherboard do you have? IMO, if it's not AM2+, I wouldn't bother with a phenom. I think your best bet with a tight budget is to get an X2 5000+BE and overclock it to 3.2Ghz. Then get a 4850, 4870, or 9800GTX+ (if price/performance is good). Get the best you can afford of these.
  3. I'd agree. 4850 plus Phenom in your case. Granted, that probably puts you above your budget.

    But those are your two items holding ya back. That 3800+ probably would bottle neck a 4850 if you got it. And if you got a Phenom and kept your 7900GS you'd probably not see a very substantial increase in FPS, as that's really a GPU bound deal.

    Your PC6400 memory is still the standard trend I think, so you're not behind on that at all. So really, new CPU and GPU and you'd be set for a while.
  4. Sorry, I meant to say I CAN'T get a phenom, as my mobo doesn't support it. (why can't I edit my post?)

    I was thinking of overclocking an athlon 5000+ series or even getting a 6000+ series athlon. I suppose that would be cheapest.

    I agree my RAM is fine (maybe upgrade to 4GB when I install vista)

    I just need to think about graphics cards... btw, I game at a 1440x900 resolution, so I need to know which will be faster at that res; the 4850 or 9800GTX+. Thanks for the link anyway ilovebarny :) but those benchmarks are at 1600x1050 res.

    I suppose the 4850 seems more appealing at the momment, and its already out, and dirt cheap :)
  5. wow you have the same system i do and i was wondering on what to upgrade as well. i play on a 17" monitor @ 1024 x 768 so my games still run fluid.
  6. 200GBP is just short of CPU, board and video card upgrade. You can probably do 2 of the 3, but not all 3.

    Unless you don't get an HD4850 but instead look for deals on either 9600GT or 8800GT, that may get you enough to upgrade all 3 components.
  7. well... in the topic title it says "or New System?" i'd recommend getting a new system

    wolfdales can be had for as little as 130 (e7200)

    ddr 2 ram is really cheap... 2 gigs good ram for 50, 4 gigs of good ram 80 - 90

    gpu... 4850

    mobo... simple p45

    same powersupply

    same case

    maybe new HDD... most people don't have success moving HDD to new computer (I did)

    and new OS... then you get so much more performance for little cost
  8. I can get an HD 4850 for £120. Then buy a 6000+ for £72. The only problem is that my PSU is currently only 400w (its a reliable good quality one though) which may not be enough... my current PSU has 20amps on the +12v rail.
  9. @thegrom

    I have a £200 budget.

    Why would most people have no success transferring an HDD from an old PC to new? You simply reformat the drive and don't try using the old partition :pt1cable:
  10. Sorry to triple post (Why the hell can't I edit my posts?)

    New OS? WTF! buying a new OS, for example vista, would not speed my PC up. If you mean reformatting the drive and reinstalling an OS then yes you would notice a performance increase in day to day apps, but as you install various background apps (Firewall, AV etc) then it will be just as slow. An OS is just a waste of money, I'll stick with XP SP3 thanks :)
  11. I would not pay too much attention to the up coming GeForce 9800+s

    Nvidia is only making the 9800 'PLUS' to counter the HD4850.

    By the time the 9800 Plus hits the market ATI will already be waiting there with their counter.

    Here is the story:
    ATI Readies OEM Special: Super RV770 To Challenge GeForce GTX 260, 280


    Mountain House (CA) - AMD%u2019s Radeon 4850 and 4870 have been widely praised in the media and put the ATI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ati team back on the map. But it appears that we have just seen a small portion of what the ATI guys have in space for users. The new boards are actually running at well below the clock speed they can support and there is every reason to believe that these cards will be challenging Nvidia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nvidia %u2019s very best.
    The thing is that the GeForce 9800 PLUS will be maxed out on clock speeds on arrival where as the 48XX cards will still have plenty of headroom.

    Faster "SUPER" 48XX series cards from Sapphire, Diamond, and Power Color should be surfacing around the time the 9800+s come out. At that point it will be 'Checkmate' for Nvidia because they will not be able to clock their G92 chips any higher.
  12. turn of the tides? *gasp* and tom's says AMD might actually come out with good CPU's and chipsets?

    so where's jesus?
  13. If AMD become top dog again and release an awesome dual core AM2 CPU, for incredibly cheap, and beat nvidia at the GPU game, I will be laughing so hard at everyone who rushed out to get there C2D's and 8800GTX's hahaha.

    Its not going to happen though :( - (well the GPU part may have some truth behind it :))
  14. When the 8800GTX first came out for $600 I thought people back then in 2006 where just foolish and were throwing their money way.

    But really I think the cost they paid for it was close to justified. The 8800GTX has remained a top card up until now and even at that it is still a great performer. If you own a 8800GTX you have no need to upgrade, even today.

    However I don't think you are going to get the same type of value out of the GTX280.

    If ATI did this well with the RV770 I wonder what they will do with the RV870?
  15. bill gates would devour it because it would play games flawlessly on vista.
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