Need help oc e8400 and 750i

i have an asus 750i mobo with an e8400. im trying to get to 3.6 ghz stable but i cant figure it out. can somebody help me. i had the cpu running at 1.225 (reccomendation of some guide i found) but i cant figure out what to set ht, nb or sb voltage too. also should i link or unlink my ram? first time overclocker any help would be great.
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  1. Which asus mobo in particular? What clock speed have you reached? Got a link to that guide you mentioned?
  2. there is only one asus 750i: the p5n-d. oc guide was useless. ive gotten 3.6 running vcore @ 1.325 and ht and nb @ 1.36. but i think those voltages could be lower.
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