Help, 4780 crossfire..

Hi again people :)

Ehm, I am a bit confused.. The ATI 4870 in crossfire mode, how much power does it need?
My psu at the moment is a ''CoolerMaster 850W Real Power Pro PSU''.
I have been seachin around, and not found a answer, about my psu can run the ATI in crossfire..

And the 4870 x2, will it be worth waiting for?

please forgive my dumbness... :sarcastic:
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  1. 4870's in crossfire at max load is around 448watts. That means a good 600watt psu will do great. This time around (compared to the 3870 in crossfire vs 3870x2) the 4870x2 will beat the 4870 in crossfire not tie. The 4870x2 will draw 14 watts less then the 4870 in crossfire.
  2. Yes, that PSU will be more than adequete for 2x 4870 in Crossfire.

    Going by the previews, 2x 4870 Crossfire should perform about the same as 4870 X2 up to and including 1900x1200. At higher resolutions and settings (e.g., 2536x1600) the X2 will pull ahead due to the larger memory pool. So, if you have a 30" monitor, the X2 will be the way to go. Also, you'll probably save about 50-$70 with the X2.
  3. Okay, thanks for help guys :)
  4. Remember that the 4870x2 that testers have are preview cards, so when they actually come out it will be a whole new ballgame of testing and reviews.
  5. okay, should I wait for the 4780 x2 then? or spend my precious money on 2 4780? :)
  6. right now if prices stay the same 4870 $280 and 4870x2 $500-$520 i would go 4870x2 cause on price alone and i could still upgrade with another one :)
  7. hmm, but 4780 in crossfire will outperform a single 4780 x2 right?
    I'm still a bit confused and newbie as well x)
  8. Can I run a 4780 + 4780 x2 in crossfire? :heink:
  9. I would go the X2 route unless you have a motherboard with two 16x pci-e slots.
  10. San Pedro said:
    I would go the X2 route unless you have a motherboard with two 16x pci-e slots.

    Okay, but will 1 x2 outperform 2 4780 in crossfire?
    This is a early review of the card not the final product so no one really knows what a 4870x2 can do in tell the card actually comes out. You really got to wait for the card to be released. If the 4870 in crossfire is better then the prices should go down cause of the release of the 4870x2 and the nivida price cuts.
  12. Yes, I get the point ;)
    Thanks for the help :)
  13. No problem:)
  14. You wanna hear this...
    My old 9800 Gx2 is broke, so I send it back to ''Komplett''.. And they have send me a XFX GTX 280 :D
    But, my new gtx 280 can run on a x38 mobo right?
  15. It sure can, but no sli only crossfire. I looked up the XFX GTX 280 and was amazed that its only 449.99 now. I guess nivida is a bit scared about the ATI 4000's series.
  16. Yep, me to :)
    but I am very happy now, I will get my GTX 280 tommorrow :)
  17. 6angel said:
    Can I run a 4780 + 4780 x2 in crossfire? :heink:

    That's a good question. Given that 3870X2 can work with 3870 the same thing with 4870 will probably be possible. There is a chart on ATI's site:
    showing possible connection but they seem not to know that there is a new card :P
    What do u think about buying single 4870 (Asus P5E X38 MoBo) and waiting for 4870X2 price go down?

  18. i looked into this and yes it will , but i recommend getting the single 4870 1gig version + 4870 x2 otherwise the memory on the x2 wont be used , the x2 is essentially 2 times 1 gig cards , so crossfiring to a 512mb one would lose 1 gig of usable memory overall as all cards need to match.

    after much thought im going for 2 single 4870 cards in crossfire for one simple reason , aftermarket cooling solutions , the x2 has two gpu's so i doubt there will be any decent coolers for some time , im a big thermalright fan , and i want the new t-rad2 when its released , so single cards are the only way to go for me.
  19. Bad news for me then. 1GB 4870 are currently unavailable in the store i want to buy my new set. I'm not an enthusiast of extreme performance so I'm thinking of buying single 512MB 4870 for now. In the future I'll probably buy another one.
    I even thought about buying 4870X2 and then crossfiring with another one but combining 4 GPUs cause a huge waste of single GPU's power (which is waste of money for me).
    crossfiring to a 512mb one would lose 1 gig of usable memory overall as all cards need to match.
    And I suppose that this can't be solved in the future. ;(

  20. The GTX 260 is pretty cheap now :)
  21. lol ur obviously a nvidia fan 6angel :D , the gtx260 is cheaper as its getting its butt whipped by the 4870! , crossfire intel boards are soo much better than nvidia ones , glad i made the change , my systems never been so stable since i switched! and its overclocked too
  22. Well, I kinda like ATI too, if I didnt get the GTX 280 I would have 2 4780 in cf ;)
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