Unlocking the 3rd and 4th cores in AMD phenom 2 x2 550 BE

does any one know how to do it?
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  1. nevermind. i found out that i cant. thanks anyway. can i delete this now?
  2. haha that was fast... are you overclocked?
  3. Get a motherboard with an SB750 and then hit me back.. I will help you unlock....
  4. ^he would have to get a new mobo, i don't think it would be worth it
  5. OvrClkr said:
    Get a motherboard with an SB750 and then hit me back.. I will help you unlock....

    Any MB with SB750?

    Done : MSI
  6. OvrClkr said:
    Get a motherboard with an SB750 and then hit me back.. I will help you unlock....

    Any MB with SB750?

    I got it, it's MSI. Does it works on all MB with SB750?
  7. OvrClkr said:
    haha that was fast... are you overclocked?

    yes. at 3.7ghz
  8. Yes indeed all SB750's will have "Advanced Clock Calibration" when you go into the bios look for a tab called ACC. You might have to look at reviews based on your board to find out where it might be hidden. Not really sure where its located at (Bios) as far as MSI (SB750) meaning the MSI 790FX-GD70 AM3.
  9. also some with 710 have the acc as well...i didnt say all, but some. anyone have luck with a gigabyte 790xt ud4p? im going to get one of those and eventually a 550...so you are at 3.7 on quad..amazing...talk about cheap and awesome!
  10. That is correct, you can use a mb with an SB710 to unlock but not all SB710's have the ACC option. As far as the 790x-UD4P in my opinion its one of the best mb's I have worked with and never had an issue.
  11. hey so is it worth getting the phenom 2 x2 550 black edition and then a mother board in which you can unlock all 4 cores? Because i was also thinking about getting the phenom 2 x4 940 quad core. So which one would be a better deal? and as i understand on the 550 one you can unlock the 2 cores to make it a quad but only on certain motherboards that have that acc option right?

  12. Good question, first of all I would not buy an x2 550 just to unlock the cores. While you do have a good chance of unlocking the cores (stable), there is also a small chance that you wont. And even if you do unlock all the cores, it is not guaranteed that your system will be stable. If you really need a quad and you have the money I would go with the 940. But if you can get by with a dual core and you want to save I would buy the 550. I like both chips and to be honest for some odd reason the 550 is faster in most apps if you pair it up with some DDR-3 memory. Dont know if its the DDR-3 memory or not but for 102.99$ I dont think you can find a faster chip at the moment.

    In the end it really depends on your needs..... Hope this helps...
  13. yeah i decided and ill go with the amd phenom 2 x4 940 because in the long run it will be better deal cuz when i build my pc im thinking about keeping it for a good 5 or 6 years until something new comes out. looking for a motherboard for the 940 if you kno any good ones help me out thanks.
  14. Sure np, for your new 940 I would go with one of these :




    Just make sure you buy what you need, for example some peeps buy the nicer looking motherboard because thier case has a window, but they dont use all of the features.. Look around and compare brands, prices and features and you should be fine....
  15. alrighty thanks man and i will compare and try to find the best one that fits me. Just a question does intel have anything better thats a quad core and cheaper then the 940 dont really feel like looking at specs and then at charts and stuff so maybe if you kno ill take your word for it. But just as a guess i would say no since most intels are expensive compared to amd. But hit me up with the info if you can.

    also is there a big difference between the 790gx chipset vs the 790x

    and what about nvidia ones i heard they suck so ill try to stay with amd ones but what do you think about nvidia. Also heard the amd cpu works wonders with the amd chipset and crossfire.
  16. At the moment an Intel quad would cost more if lets say you want 3.0Ghz or faster. And yes the Intels are much more expensive. Ex: x4 940=189.99$ / Core2Quad Q9650=319.99$ and of course the Q9650 is 44-55% faster. The 940 should be enough for your needs and remember you will be able to overclock by 400-800Mhz.

    As far as the 790gx vs. the 790x both are good boards it really comes down to what brand and what use you will have for it. The first motherboard I posted for you is the best 790x there is at the moment ( in my opinion ). But the 2nd and 3rd boards are based more for the enthusiast that wants to get the most out of their hardware. As far as me i love all 3....

    AMD boards that have an Nvidia chipset are not bad boards its just that its harder to get a stable system if you compare it to an AMD with an SB750 chipset (south bridge).

    I have both and they work fine, its a matter of taste and what video cards you will be using.

    And yes, if you buy an AMD motherboard that supports crossfire (AMD chipset) and you pair it up with dual Ati Radeon cards you will have a nice system (as far as gaming is concerned).
  17. ok thanks really helped me out and reason i asked is i always like the nvidia graphic cards so i would rather get a board that has sli rather than crossfire. But it seems like you said if i pair it up with amd chipset and crossfire it should work fine. And im a gamer so it should do good for me. Now what graphic card would you go with as for ati i dont kno much about. Maybe for around 130 bucks. Or should i just use one nvidia card. what you think.
  18. hey man thank you very much for everything so far you have helped me a great deal. After looking at so many motherboards i think i will go with the gigabyte that you posted.
  19. Since you are going with the UD4P motherboard I would say the 4850 (Ati) or Gts 250 (Nvidia) but if you plan on xfire then go with the 4850.

    The only way you will be able to Sli (Nvidia) is by getting an AMD motherboard that has an Nvdia chipset.
  20. ok thanks ill check out some graphic cards and tell you what i found out. But also have u had any experience with crossfire or sli
  21. also could u add a link to the card ur talkin about please
  22. Here you go http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161244

    And yes I have xfired and Sli'd. Both are awesome....
  23. ok thanks and also as for the graphic card would the 4870 be a better choice i looked at the charts and the 4870 comes up at the top. and i think its like 130 bucks. Ill post the link to it .
  24. This is a pretty sweet deal for under 150.00$


    Double Lifetime Warranty / So make sure you get the XFX version if you decide to purchase the 4870
  25. yeah nice and also as for the quad core just a random question since the 940 is 3.1ghz it means that each core is running at 3.1ghz right
  26. oh yeah and i forgot that i need a case cuz the new parts wont fit in the old case will they? I dont think so right cuz they have different clips and stuff that wat i think. But yeah so far im doing research on the 4850 card see how it is and all but i think 150 might be too much now because i need a new case.
  27. hey could u put a link to the 4850 iceq4 graphic charts. i looked at the charts but it only gives you the saphaire one i think or does the brand not matter are all 4850 the same core clock and memory clock. Cuz i would like to check the card out on the chart and see how it performs compared to others. So i can see if itll be good for my needs.
  28. Yes the 940 has all 4 cores at 3.0Ghz.

    You can get a 4850 for 109.99$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161259

    And a case for 55.00$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129042
  29. no i ment on toms hardware charts i would like to see the 4850 iceq4 on therre. But i cant seem to find it.
  30. Yea I dont see anything under the IceQ4 but I would not buy that card. I like it and it performs well, but the 2 year warranty is not doable. XFX has double-lifetime warranty and comparing a 2 year warranty to a double-lifetime , its a no-brainer....
  31. ok well heres a list graphic cards that i can choose from and you can let me know what you think of them and or suggest a better one.



    http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4459666&CatId=3670 bit on the expensive side for me but maybe i can squeeze in some more money for it lol.

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150394 one that you suggested

    and yeah thats about it, i would like to have a card that runs cool and quiet and does not over heat to much. Reviews that i read ppl say that the iceq4 runs cool and nice. Still not sure with which one to go. i like that xfx tho too.
  32. The iceq4 is a great card, dont get me wrong, its just the warranty that makes me kinda weary. The XFX card is top-notch and stays as cool as the Iceq4.

    BTW Tiger direct will charge you shipping+tax so make sure you buy from the Egg if you want to save some cash.....

    In my opinion the XFX is the best buy......
  33. you know what on the other hand ill go with the xfx you cant go wrong with a 4870 1gb graphic card and double lifetime warranty for 146 thats amazing.
  34. Well look at it this way, Your video card will not last you 40 years unless you keep it in a safe. And of course it will be running on a daily basis, so anything can happen at any time... If the card dies, all you have to do is call XFX and return it. You will recieve the same card or even better, a faster version if the original is not produced or available at the time of RMA.
  35. wow yeah that is sure nice. Ima see if any of my local pc stores have it and if not ill get it from newegg
  36. just a quick question i just looked at micro center and what about this card

  37. Good choice.... Just make sure you get a good deal even if you have to wait. Dont overspend, times are tough right now........
  38. yeah ima call em up right now and see if they got it.
  39. oh yeah and is there a big difference between 512mb and 1 gb cards can you see better performance or something
  40. huntsman said:
    just a quick question i just looked at micro center and what about this card


    Nice card but only 1 year warranty....
  41. i found out why so cheap the cards are discontinued and shyt microcenter is out of everything they got the 940 amd phenom cpu but graphic cards are all out and motherboard too. ima check frys and tigerdirect there not to far from me.
  42. Fry's is only good if it is close to your location and you need the part right away, but they are way to expensive compared to Newegg and Tiger....
  43. hmm well i found this one and seems nice for only 100 bucks what you think and like i said i got frys microcenter close and tiger direct a bit farther but nothing you cant drive to its like 25min away and frys and micro cneter like 15min. But check this one out. this card Stood out for me.


    yeah and usually like u say frys is overpriced.
  44. Nice card and warranty but in my opinion if you can spend the extra 20.00-30.00 and get the 4870 it will make a huge difference.

  45. yes but problem is im not sure if i can now that i need a case and will a 550 corsair psu be fine. And im trying to make it for 500 also im thinking that if i do buy this oone they have in frys i should be happy wit it and it should play mostly everything on my 1440x900 19in screen and i will keep for couple years and then later when something really good comes out ill get them for the crossfire you follow me cuz i dont want to get 2 mid range cards in crossfire i rather get 2 high end ones. And idk man for 100 bucks for a graphic card shyt hard to resist and it has nice specs here s a website i found about it and benchmarks.

    check it out

  46. True but rememeber that 2 midrange cards in xfire = 1 high end card. So you dont have to spend too much to get good graphix. A single 4850 should do it for now, specially if you will be using a 19" (I forgot about that). So dont worry, just try to get the best deal....
  47. yeah i mean i follow you that on a 1980x1600 or whatever it is or that 2500x something resolution i see that the 4870 would be better but for me the 4850 xfx should do just fine. i see what ur saying but this card is 109 now the other xfx 4870 is 146 that like 40 bucks more. So i can use that for a case you see. also i dont kno if you checked out the website but the guys overclocked it to core clock 760mhz and memory to 2340mhz or something like that, thats pretty good. and maybe the biggest screeen ill game on is a 22in but thats a year or more before i get that screen. so by then everything will change but ima go with the xfx 4850 xxx edition.
  48. Good choice, then later on you can xfire and turn up the eye-candy....

    The antec 300 is by far the best case for under 60.00$ in my opinion. Some would disagree but i have been using the 300 for several builds and it is flawless for the price. You just have to take your time with the cable management....
  49. nice also i need some ram im thinking bout 4gb of ram what do u suggest. keep in mind the total for everything now is 404

    now some questions

    my psu 550 corsair should do just fine right?

    and my ide and sata hard drives should be fine also correct i got the first sata so i think its transfer speed is 150gb/s or something.

    i got 3 fans in my case right now so ill just use those, got cd/dvd, and then i just need to buy a new case ill check that antec 300 one out.

    also is there a chance i can use my old case?

    and i got a sound card and i think thats about it i got everything covered i believe. If i forgot something let me know.
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