About Processor Compatibility and FSB ?

I currently have the following Configuration :

Intel 945G/GV Chipset
Intel Pentium 4, 3.06 Ghz HT Technology
533 Mhz FSB
Motherboard Model : "To be filled by O.E.M" message shown in CPUID as it's a Lenovo PC.

My Question 1 :
Can i upgrade my processor to Core 2 Duo ?

My Ques 2:
How can the FSB be increased :- by upgrading to a higher FSB Processor or is it specific to a motherboard ?

Since i want to use RAM of higher FSB, so i want to increase the FSB of my PC.
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  1. Q1 - should be ok for Core2Duo, check <http://www.intel.com/products/desktop/chipsets/945g/945g-overview.htm>
    Q2 - you can increase the FSB by going into your BIOS during the boot up sequence.

    It may already be set at automatic and may change when you but your new ram in.

    hope that helps
  2. Regarding question 2 - It appears you have a Lenovo PC: Be advised you may not be able to increase the Front Side Buss at all. Many/most OEM makers lock that.
  3. scotteq is right. Be careful, many Lenovo/Dell etc have a crippled bios to prevent uneeeded warrenty service due to OCing without a clue.

    You also have to worry that the bios on the Mobo will support the newer processor. It probably will. You'll need to find some instances of actual posts from people who have UG'ed the CPU to be sure.
  4. im using a gigabyte GA-945GCM(X)-S2 GZ chipset with an E2160 oc to 2.6g bus 282 X 9
  5. TVWALLY? And that board is in the Lenovo PC the OP is asking about? Or you just got an OC and are happy and want to share? I'm happy for you, it just doesn't help the OP at all.

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