Addonics SATA-CF Adapter ADSACFB problem

I have one CF that works perfectly ( Kingston 133x 8GB ultimate) and three (SanDisk Extreem IV 8GB, Lexar WA 80x 1GB, Lexar WA 40x 1GB) that are not recognized by the OS. I have tried various drivers including most up to date for the JMicron JMB363 and also the X58/ICH10R on my EVGA X58 MB. Upgrading from Vista 64 to Win 7 64 has not cleared the problem. Interestingly the BIOS sees all cards, and all 4 cards work in my Nikon D700 and D2x as well as USB CF adapters. I did an RMA with Addonucs and the unit they sent me as a replacement had the asme symptoms.

Anybody have ideas?

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  1. Have you tried assigning a letter to the drive seen by the bios in disk management?

    Do you have AHCI enabled for hot swap capability?
  2. Thanks for the reply evangugg,

    For the CF that shows up in disk management with a drive letter assigned. Hot swapping works too as well as file transfers.

    The other three do not show up in disk management although they do show up in boot up, and are assigned HDD0: and in the BIOS list of drives to boot from SCSI-3 JMB363 driver must see them while OS does not.

    I'll try reloading drivers again since I have not tried that since the win 7 update.

    Thanks again,

  3. UPDATE:

    Just installed latest drivers from JMicron (R1.17.51 WHQL eSATA) and changed drive letter as evangugg suggested.

    Problem not changed :-(

  4. I found Kingston in the regestry. Do you think I should delete?
  5. I am also having the exact same problem with the CF Card showing up in the system. It does show up during the boot process, but does not show up after Windows 7 64 bit loads. Nothing shows up in Disk Manager or in the Device Manager. I do not have a Kingston CF Card so I don't know if it would show. I have a Sandisk Extreme 60gb/sec card, and it does not show. Addonics has given me a RMA also, but if that was no help I will probably go with a return until they manage to straighten out the problem. It is a pity as I certainly could use the download speed.
  6. Hi etz786,

    Seems like there should be a simple fix. I could use the speed too.

  7. This adapter only works with SATA cards based on Silicon Image chip.
    It will not work reliably with any other SATA controller like Marvell or Intel.
    But even so it does not work reliably with 600x CF cards.
    So if you never buy 600x cards and you get SATA controller based on Silicon Image chip
    you are going to be OK. On the other hand this is very fast CF adapter.
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