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Hi, I'm posting this to see if anyone would be able to tell me what all the different temperatures in speedfan are and to see if my temperatures are ok for my stock cpu. I have a core 2 duo e6850 at stock speed with a zalman 9700 cpu cooler. I've got the cm cosmos case and for some reason the cpu runs cooler when the side doors are open. I thought it might be because the stock fans weren't pushing much air so I switched them with fans with a higher cfm. The airflow was noticibly better but it was still cooler with the doors open. My wire management inside the case is pretty good too. Anyway, here are some screenshots of my computer at idle and load. Really just want to know what all the temperatures are and if they are running at good temperatures. Eventually I'd like to label them temps myself and possibly think about overclocking. I thought it was weird that there are 2 temp 1s, 2 temp 2s , and 2 temp 3s.

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  1. hmmm, I've never posted pics up before and they aren't showing up on my screen when reading this thread. Did it work?
  2. Nope, you kinda biffed the photos :p
    You need to put an around the direct link to the photo.

    In any case, it is normal for a system to run cooler with the side panel off, even when you have a butt load of fans on it.
    I would not pay that to much attention.

    As for the temps, all you really need to worry about are the CPU core temps and the GPU temps.
    Try using GPU-Z to check the GPU temps and Coretemp for the CPU.
    If your CPU is staying under 70°c and the GPU is under 95° fully loaded, you are doing just fine.
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