Low 3dmark06 Score?

I just recently built a new pc, here are the specs of my old one.

(Compaq Presario)
Athlon x2 4000 (2.1GHZ)
2GB ram
Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
8800 GT
3d mark 06 score: 7600

Here is my new system that I built:

e8400 @ 3ghz
4GB ram
Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit
8800 GT
3d mark 06 score: 6400

This doesn't make any sense to me =/ Im new to building pc's so maybe there is somethin in the bios I should have configured?
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  1. Try different drivers. Make sure you have the latest chipset and other drivers.

    I did not see any noticable difference in 3dmarks 06 from XP to Vista 64, so you should be getting higher then that.

    Please post the breakdown CPU,SM 2.0,SM3.0. maybe we can see the problem in there.
  2. Aye you should be at around double that at least, probably around 15,000. Maybe a motherboard issue with the pci-e slot if not the drivers etc.
  3. 15000 with a 8800GT?.. hahahhahahahaha unless its oced then no, and especially not on a DUAL core CPU needs a quad
  4. was gonna say the same thing, but 9000-10000 should be easy(just a guess)
  5. Just a thought, but check your BIOS and make sure the PCI-e 16x slot is set to 16x and not, say, 4x.
    What is the MB for the new rig?
  6. 3DMark Score: 10483 3DMarks
    SM 2.0 Score: 5083
    SM 3.0 Score: 4927
    CPU Score: 2184

    i ran the test agian, but this time i checked my bios and for some weird reason my cpu was only running at 2.66 (x8) so i changed it to x9 and its running at 3ghz. My score jumped up to 10483
  7. That is more in line.
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