Reinstalling Windows XP on a Dell........... no license key needed?

I have a 9 year old Dell system. The hard drive died.

I took another hard drive and I wiped it clean.

I purchased a "Windows XP reinstallation disk for Dell" CD off of ebay.

I installed that CD onto my blank hard drive. It did NOT ask me for a Windows license key.

After I connected to the internet, my computer connected to Microsoft to verify the version of Windows I installed is legitimate(aka, not pirated). My version did pass fine.

So what is the deal? Why do I not have to put a Windows license key in?

Can I use this exact same CD to reinstall Windows XP on my other Dell computers? I have a few Dell systems at home.

The Dell reinstallation disk that I bought looks like this.


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  1. You purchased a legitimate Dell XP disk. The setup routine in that disk checks to see if it is in fact being installed in a genuine Dell computer, and if so, uses the Dell OEM volume license key. If it is used in a non-Dell computer, a key number is required.

    You purchased from a legit person on eBay, most people aren't so lucky.
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