My case fans and Dark Knight cooler?

I just put in my Dark Night air cooler,
coolermaster NV690
Intel I7-920 cpu oc'd to at blck167
Asus P6t Deluxe mobo
OCZ Platinum 6 gigs ddr3
pcp&c 750 quad ps
evga gtx285 stock clock (for Now)
wd 640 gig black edition
Im wondering If I should move my rear exhaust fan to the top and exhaust from there. As you can see in the pic's my cpu fan is blowing right at my rear case fan. If the rpm on my cpu fan is higher then my rear case fan the excess hot air will recirculate inside the case. Im thinking if I move the rear case fan to the top my cpus fan should move the hot air out the back case vent without restriction
What do you guys think?
So far my temps have dropped 10 deg. C w/ cpu oc'd to blck167 it was 82c max, now 71c max running prime95. i used Artic Silver 5, they say after 200+- break in period I should get another 2c-5c better, we will see

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  1. I think you have more to gain by flipping the direction of the CPU heatsink so that the "rear" (side opposite the fan) faces the rear or top of the case, and flipping the direction of the CPU fan so that it's blowing across the heatsink.
  2. I was thinking of turning the heat sink horizontal so the air is forced out the top.
    as you see it in the pic the air is being pulled through the heat sink and pushing the hot air towards the rear case.
    It should not matter if the fan is pulling air or pushing air through the heat sink, the same amount of air will go through it.

    I wonder what other people with the same setup as me are getting for temps

  3. Got a question ok here is my setup top fan back fan are blowing hot air out, side fan is blowing cold air in, 2 front dans are blowing cold air in...which way should my xigmatek dark knight fan face and should it blow cold air into heatsink or blow hot air out of the heatsink
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