ATI 4850 COD4 resolution problem

Hello all, I am new to this forum.

Anyway, I just bought an ATI 4850 after selling my 8800GT to a friend. It installed fine, but I get a weird video resolution problem when I try to set the video resolution in COD4. I have a 22" widescreen that runs 1680x1050, but when I try to set COD4 to this resolution the computer freaks out and goes into some kind of video testing mode. It goes black and then to vista desktop, then repeats about 8 times. After all this, it settles in on a resolution of 1440x900. After exiting the game, my vista resolution is screwed up too and I can't change it unless I reboot. Quite annoying.

Any suggestions? I searched some, but I have found no similar problems yet.

I have an Asus P5E-V HDMI with 4 GB of Gskill 1066 running an E7200 mildly oc to 3200 with 600w ultra x2 ps.
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  1. I have updated the ATI drivers with the hotfix, but not fully updated the COD4. I had a problem on my other system trying to go to 1.7 so I did not do it on this system yet. I guess I will give it a shot and let you know.
  2. Updated Call of Duty fully and still having this problem. It is really annoying. Computer has to be rebooted after exiting a game I have to play in low res! ARRGGGHHHHH Makes me want to go back to an 8800gt.

    COD4 is about the only game I am playing right now, I don't even have anything else loaded to test this problem with. I guess I should load another game and see if any other work. That might tell me if I have a problem with directx or something.

    Any thoughts out there?
  3. I would be exceedingly careful about saying anything remotely negative about the 4850. This forum seems to be rife with ATI zealots that will crucify you at a moments notice. I you are having problems with that card, you are apparently part of the same microscopic minority that I belong to. I feel for you and would not have you suffer the same fate as me.
  4. I play COD 4 with a 4850 card and have tried 1680 resolution to see if i get same problem as OP but it runs just as well as when i play at 1920 resolution. How can i help you if no one else who even has the card has the problem?
  5. I am wondering if it has something to do with unloading 8800gt drivers and loading 4850 drivers. I went through it in proper order: uninstalled 8800 drivers, uninstalled ntune, installed 4850 drivers, installed hotfix.

    No luck yet. Just hoping someone has come across something similar. I would just reload vista and try again, but I have loaded this box 3 or 4 times in the last month just playing with different OS and I really dont want to do it again!
  6. As I think all ATI cards are rubbish, you would be better off replacing that 4850 with a proper card like the 8800GT/GTS. :)
  7. Have a couple of them (8800/9800) in my 4 systems.

    Want to try ATI again.

    Just want ATI to work.
  8. I think you need to accept the fact that like world peace and a cure for cancer that's not going to happen any time soon.
  9. You may be right.

    Only time will tell.
  10. Ok, Mousemonkey made me laugh, i'll admit it.
    May be something stupid but Power supplies do weird things. Are your sure your Psu is up to the task? Unlikely i know but iv seen weird things.
    ATI doesn't seem to like COD4. There is another guy on this forum with a new 48xx who's frames are capped at 20 fps. That sucks.

    But we all know its really a problem with VISTA. :D
  11. Quote:
    extremely helpful comments there mousemonkey.

    Why thank you. :lol:

    customisbetter said:
    we all know its really a problem with VISTA. :D

    Not really enough rabid Fista fanbois to get a decent reaction going. :whistle:
  12. strange, i had 8800GT, n upgraded it to ATI 4850, n changed my resloution to 1680x1050. and i've being playing the game for a week or two (online).

    i didnt cross the problem you having. did u install the driver's properly. like uninstalled the nvidia one, used driver cleaner, then installed the new drivers of ati (install the hotfix only, dont bother bout the ones that came with cd).

    n ya, both xp and vista ran fine (since i have multi-os). but i have vista problem with pb n it keeps kicking me out. so i use xp to play cod4.
  13. COD4 and Vista have known issues ..dont blame ATI , there cards are awesome!!

    now install xp ..have fun ...
  14. @nightwolf

    whats server are you playin on nightwolf? ready for some pwnage? :D

    im curious, how well did the ac-s1 did on your 4850?how many degrees from the stock cooler?
  15. maybe COD4 is too heavy for 4850
  16. wh3resmycar said:

    whats server are you playin on nightwolf? ready for some pwnage? :D

    im curious, how well did the ac-s1 did on your 4850?how many degrees from the stock cooler?

    i play on CGC

    how well it fits, find it there

    concrum said:
    maybe COD4 is too heavy for 4850

    if i can play it, and many websites reviewed the card with cod4 benches. i think your assumption is not valid at all.

    Anonymous said:
    COD4 and Vista have known issues ..dont blame ATI , there cards are awesome!!

    now install xp ..have fun ...

    i reinstalled pb, and did everything so that i can play cod4 with vista, never could. so xp it is.
  17. thats a neat project nightwolf, neat indeed.

    i was getting lower ping from vista from what i remember, but i just had a lot of sound issues with it.
  18. Lol My case is even funnier but still my cod 4 is at 1.0 no patch yet.

    4850 + 650 w coolermaster psu extreme
    ran on xp at 80 with all max at 1.6k reso.

    my tournament profile gets 200-201 fps (tourney lots of extra details i took out xD)


    lol i get so confused
    imagine this
    7-9 fps
    but it doesnt run like its 7-9 fps

    but it isnt that smooth either probably 30-40 fps with gay displayed fps.

    hmm i cant say ati sucks

    i do enjoy their graphic cards.

    this is the first ati that i actually have an issue with
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