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I see so many fan controllers out there and wonder do they work better than the onboard from motherboard, or they just for looks? There are 2 of them which I am looking at the Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller, and the Thermaltake Hardcano 12 SE.

Next question is which ones in your onion the better of those two, and what other recommendations about fan controllers do you have?
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  1. Having a fan controller is more like a preference. You can manually adjust the fan speeds easily and it also looks nice. Your motherboard can do the exact same using tools like speedfan and such, which is probably more convenient, but as I said, it's more of a preference.

    The cheapest and best fan controller out there is the Sunbeam Rheobus. You might want to take a look at that.
  2. i could never get speedfan to work, so i use a zalman fan controller

    but if could, i would get that out so fast...i dont like it
  3. ^+1 for the Sunbeam Rheobus. I have the extreme model and I love it.
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