Collecting i7 920 Bios overclocking Settings

Hi everyone.

I want to see what is your overclocking setting.

CPU: i7 920 C0 or i7 920 D0 ?
Board: ?
Ram: ?
Cooler: ?

And Bios Setting: ?
HT disable or enable?


i7 920 D0
Asus P6T deluxe
ocz 12gb 1600mhz
cooler master v10

blck 175
Vcore : 1.22
Dram Bus voltage : 1.64
all auto

Disable HT

Temp is 60c max on prime95

Please list Your. It will help alot of people.
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  1. You can also check the Intel Core i7 Overclocking How-to. Lots of links to videos and pages illustrating people who've OCed an i7 920 and the specs they've used.
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