I brought a used 2001 cadillac deville in July of 2011. Not long after the "check coolant level" message was showing. I put coolant and thought it was fine, i was wrong. I found myself putting more n more.I went and got an oil change and was told I have a crack in the block. Some time after, my oil was depleting somehow. it would say 74% life until it was none. I'm wondering where the oil went. Now I have no coolant or oil in the car. I have parked my car until I can find out the most economical way to get it fixed.. Do you think I need another engine??? How much would something like this cost?? Anyone have any ideas?? Someone told me after I got the car , I bought a problem, that this happens to cadillacs with Northstar. I sure could use some advice right now.
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  1. The oil and coolant have to be going somewhere. What does the exhaust smoke look and smell like? Did you try drain the oil to see if you have none or is it the oil life monitor telling you? Coolant in the oil will mix and loose its lubricity which can cause the monitors to say there is 0% life left. Either way it sounds like the heads need to come off the engine to see what is going on. I think the Northstar engine had aluminum heads which can warp from overheating. Cracked blocks do happen but I see warped and cracked heads more often but I've never dealt with a Northstar before. Looking online a bit it seems like the older Northstars had head gasket issues which can cause this problem as well but like I said the heads need to come off to check this.
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