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Today I suddenly began to see a massive amount of ghosting on my monitor. Its not only a large amount, but is very clear to see on any colors, whether it be on the desktop or even playing games. What does this mean? and how do i change it ???
I have a Dell 17" LCD monitor, running an NVIDIA 8600 GT video card, i have had the monitor for a little more than a year, and just got the video card about 4 months ago.

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  1. Somebody please help me. I just tried updating drivers for my video card and that didnt work either.
  2. Make sure the cable is connected tight. Try it on another computer if you have one. Check the color profile.

    Maybe it was always this way and you never noticed it. LCD's to ghost to some extent.
  3. that didn't change anything, i disconnected all the cables, and blew all the dust out of my computer, reconnected them, and nothing changed... it does look more clear from another computer input...but i wouldnt think my graphics card would be effed up after 4 months...thanx for the advice tho
  4. Try to reset all your video settings in whatever control panel you have(ATI and Nvidia both have one, they should have restore defaults option). maybe something changed in there.
  5. *sigh* i reset every graphic detail i could find in NVIDIA control panel to default, still to no change in the ghosting... it sometimes seems almost random in games , sometimes i wont see it at all, other times, movements will create black lines that move up and down my screen...
  6. well apparently my video card somehow got fried cuz i cant even play games on it now without the whole computer freezing
  7. master_andalf said:
    movements will create black lines that move up and down my screen...

    Yeah thats a bad sign.
  8. any last ditch efforts i can try? some games it will play but they are really glitchy then other games that i would expect are easier on the video card completely freeze up the computer...and something is taking up 50 % of my CPU but im only running messengers and Steam...thanks for all your help
  9. Hit CTRL+ALT+DEL(if on vista you have to select the start task manager button) and look in the task manager under "processes" click cpu twice, this should bring all the programs using the cpu to the top then you can tell us what is taking all that power.

    Example. In my case Folding @ Home GPU and SMP are taking most my power(but i know they are there).

    As for something to try, all you can do is make sure your video fan is on and down clock the video card and its memory to see if it works. Either way it looks like the card is toast. Can you try the card on a friends computer?
  10. not exactly sure how to post screenshots, but i think this will work i never overclocked the card at all, and the fan is on, i cant get NVIDIA's program to check the temps or specs so i dunno about that
  11. maybe this will be a better screen cap

  12. found out that the card is running a steady 52 Celsius
  13. aight in case you cant see the pics, the only things that are really taking up any CPU are svchost.exe which is 49 or 50 and System Idle Process which is about 48... i can see that these would randomly run for a bit, but they have been running for hours, and i think this may have something to do with my constant freezing when i try to do anything taxing to the computer
  14. svchost.exe should not take 50% in normal use

    There is some kind of windows service or something taking all that power.

    svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries.

    Ready to find what is running so hard?

    -Click start then Run... In the run line type "cmd" without the quotes and hit enter.
    -In the command window that opens type"Tasklist /SVC"
    -This will bring up a list of tasks and there PID's(this is how you will id what is running since there are many svchosts running)

    -Now bring up the task manager again(CTRL + ALT + DEL)
    -Once its open and on the process tab click View then Select Columns
    -In that window add a check next to PID(Process Identifier) it should be right under image name(grayed out) on XP, then hit ok.
    -Go find your svchosts that is taking all the power and look at its PID number and match it with the command prompt window. Tell me what is taking all the power.

    System idle is fine, that means you have half your cpu free(1 core in your case if a single core had that, they would be at 100%)

    Example Image. I just grabbed a random svchost and lined it up by PID to find it as PolicyAgent. Even though it's vista it works the same on XP. In fact on vista you can just right click items to get the service(s) its linked to

    Let me know how it goes.
  15. CPU Usage was reduced to > 10%
  16. you must have captured that when something was loading.

    Ok, back to the card, if it shows black lines and other anomalies then it looks like card is dieing.
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