Building Raid after OS install using ghost image

I decided to run my system in a RAID 1 mirror after i lost my whole HDD and lost roughly 3 years of pictures. Doing external backups is kind of a pain due to my military resposibilities when i go to sea. I Ghosted my current build on my 1TB WD drive and added the second drive, also a 1TB WD, and set the Mobo to Raid. Of course i found out soon after that even after i re-ghosted my image to the Raid the correct drivers were not installed on the OS. I have tried numerous things. First i tried installing the drivers on the original OS without the MOBO in Raid mode. Wouldnt let me do it i think due to not seeing the hardware. I went and bought a usb floppy(41.99 from bestbut, damn gougers) and tried to do an F6 repair using the drivers, im not sure exactly what i would need to do when i get to repair mode in order to install the drivers at that point on the OS. My system is one i built 5 months ago. A i7-920, x58 pro MSI mobo, 6gb ddr3 corsair ram, 2 1TB WD caviar green HDD, 4870 1GB ddr5 sapphire card. Any suggestions without having to buy additional hardware would be great. Another idea i had was to do an OS install and ghost the rest of my drive, but i would rather not re-install all of my software, is there a way to ghost the registry and system data on without losing my raid driver? Thanks.
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  1. Well nevermind! i got it to work using the repair utility with the xp cd.
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