please can you possabley help me im stuck ive tryed lots of ways to change my account status from limited to adminastritive but have been un succesfull maybe you could help my computer is a windows xp proffessional i accadentley changed the status and now am confused my computer is a dell
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  1. It has to be done by an account with administrator rights.

    You need to go to the control panel-->user accounts-->select your profile-->change it from limited to administrator.
  2. you have to login with an administrative account to be able to change the account type.
  3. You can also try "changing the way users log on" so you have to select a user. Boot into safe mode, you should see the "administrator" account there. Try it with no password, unless you remember setting one up. Then go into control panel and select the user you are trying to use, and change it to a "Computer Administrator".
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