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I live in a dorm room with horrible ~50kb/sec downloading speed. I was explained to me by one of my friends is that the residential life is partitioned a small part of the campus bandwidth and it is just split among all of the IP addresses that are currently using it. It gave me an idea since my PQ5-E motherboard has 2 network cards and I can get a separate IP for each card if I could get my computer to use both cards at the same time. Currently it only uses the second card and ignores the fact the first one is there even though it has its own IP address.

Any suggestions how i can get both cards to be in use simultaneously so i can get a small relief from the horror that is dorm internet?
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  1. I can only give you some pointers.

    Google for Link Aggregation/Trunking/Teaming NIC

    I know you can do that with Layer 3 switch but you need to have control over its operation (which you don't). You also need to run some special/extra software or else it will break/confuse your application:

    imagine your app sending out with the first IP but the response comes back from both IP's
  2. You have to be careful with mutiple network cards as it is not recommended to have 2 NIC's from the same machine on the same network subnet and besides windows will just use which ever network card is working ready first but if one NIC fails it will switch automatically to the other.

    Computers and Servers have multiple NIC's because you can make a computer into a Router which would require a minimum of 2 NIC's 1 for each subnet or you can use create a NAT or VPN server one NIC for your internal network and one for NAT or the VPN.

    The only real way for you to get faster speed is to get your network switches upgraded but as from the previous comment Layer 3 switches are possible because they allow you to setup routing but you cant route traffic through 2 NIC's at the same time because data can only go out of one NIC at a time and the returning traffic has to come back through the same NIC. the other NIC will either ignore it or it will be detected as spoof traffic and be blocked also when your NIC's register with DNS both NIC's relate to the same computer name but they have differant ip addresses DNS can only register 1 name for 1 IP address hence why it is not recommended to have 2 NIC's on the same subnet.
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