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I have a AMD Athlon XP 2900+/SOYO K7VME based PC with a 200 W PSU. Either the CPU or the MoBo is dead.
I am thinking of using the Biostar K8M800 Micro Motherboard CPU Bundle - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+ Processor 2.30GHz OEM combo to replace the MoBo and CPU. Have some memory too if needed for this board.

I have the HD from the SOYO setup and wonder if I will need to reinstall the WinXP Pro or will it work without reinstalling. I have lost my OS cd.

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  1. Forgot to add - Do I need to buy a new PSU or can I use the orig case with the 200 W PSU.
  2. Not that the new setup would hurt, I think you are underpowered and you should try a new PSU before changing anything else. You need about 18 amps on the 12v rails.

    Top Tier PSU:



    Silent PSUs

    AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies
  3. With the new setup you are going to need about 21 amps on the 12v rails, depending on the video card you choose.
    With the new setup you would need to reinstall.
  4. Is this a brand computer or something that you built?
  5. The old one is a SOYO K7VME barebone kit from TigerDirect with case/PSU/MoBo already installed. I bought and installed the AMD Athlon XP+ 2800. It ran fine for last 3-4 years. The PSU starts if I don't plug in the 4 pin P4 connector, with or w/o the CPU installed, so I am not sure whether it is the CPU or the MoBo that is dead. I would use the on board video in the new MoBo and can live with 1 HD and 1 DVD/RW.

    I wonder why I would need to reinstall the OS. Can I boot from the existing install and install the additional drivers for the new MoBo?
  6. Yor PSU is dead. You cn buy a mobo and CPU if you want, but make sure to get PSU as well. Get a decent one.
  7. Yeah, it sounds like a dead PSU.
  8. you would need to reinstall the os because most likely, unless the boards have the same exact chipsets, it most likely would be unstable as far as drivers goes. just reinstall to save yourself the trouble :)
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