Hanging at bios, first 2-10 reboots

Hi everyone.
First, i would read through and search for the answer to my question as i am sure its been asked, but i simply dont have that kind of time.
Now that thats out of the way here we go.

The computer
Asus Maximus Formula
4gb ram (2gb corsair xms2, 2gb crucial Balistx) DDR26400

Every time i turn my computer on it hangs at the Asus screen, with the message , pres DEL to enter bios, or TAB to see post message.
I can hit Tab and DEL, and it will show the post message, but hang there. It willa ctualy say it is entering the Bios setup when i hit DEL. But goes no where.
I have to reboot multiple times.

This happens at any clock speed. 3.4hgz, 2.6ghz (stock) and 1.8ghz.

I do change my timings to 4-4-4-12. But even with everything set to AUTO, I have the same problems.

Any ideas?

PLEASE if you answer is that i need to upgrade the BIOS, PLEASE link me the newest update for my MB. I tried finding it once, and failed. : / This will be my first time flashing a BIOS.

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  1. The Asus website should have all the bios update information.

    Have you tried booting with just the Crucials, or just the Corsair ram installed.
  2. The Asus website (the product page) confused me, i didnt know which to download, please point me to the newest.
    Ya i know........ fail.

    I had this problem before I got the crucials, so i will see what happens with just the corsairs. Whenever i get a chance to.

  3. Any USB devices attached to the PC? My PC sometimes hangs during POST with my USB modem plugged in.Whenever I unplug it, the PC immediately boots normally.
  4. Try to boot with the bare minimum. Keyboard, video, 1 stick of ram, no hard drive. Once you get by the BIOS screen and the computer searches for he OS, put your hard drive in.
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