New Zalman CNPS9900 very noisy

hey, i've bought the new Zalman CNPS9900 becuz it was very quiet and had somthing called silent mode.
but its like mine are running on full load all the time
i got an athlon 7750 2.7ghz dual core, it runs at 21'c idle and i dont understand, do i need any driver or somthing :bounce: ?

please reply, thnx in advance
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  1. I have this cooler and can confirm it shouldn't sound like it yours does! There is an option in BIOS to always have the CPU fan running at full pelt, can't remember what it's called though, but check in your BIOS for something that looks similar. It sounds like you have that setting set to on, turn it off and hopefully Bob's your uncle.
    If you can't find it, I will have a look in my BIOS and see what it's called, but you shouldn't have much bother (unless you aren't familiar with BIOS tweaks)
  2. thnx for the quick reply. :D i will try take a look at it :p
  3. Unfortunately, that specific cooler is known more for its efficiency than for its quiet operation. You could leave out the plastic shroud in the middle.
  4. i already took that thingy off :O
  5. What is your motherboard? I'll check the manual for it ti see if it has options to run your cooler in silent mode.

    BTW, what are the RPM when you think the fan is being noisy?
  6. no need to anymore i got it working now :D my cpu was running at 100% i figured i set it down to "idle" 30%
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