Slipping sata driver to hiren/erd?

having issues booting an xp install on a vaio laptop. Why they use third party sata drivers i have no idea but i digress. My xp installation disc has the driver slipped but i have no idea how to include it into erd, or any of the hiren programs. nothing will see my hdd LOL. any help is appreciated
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  1. can you state that again? in detail

    what are you trying to do?
    what is the problem exactly?
    What model of vaio
  2. I think I know what he means. I am having the same issue. All the drives on my Asus M3A78-EMH HDMI mobo are comfigured as RAID and when I boot Hiren's 11.0 it can't see any of my drives. Is there a way to load the RAID drivers when using Hiren's?
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