Best aftermarket cooler for 4850?

Well, we all know 4850 runs pretty hot.

And I just got one today as well and I'm in need of aftermarket cooler.

Even though I can control the fan speed (asus), it's still very loud (for me).

So i'm looking to buy a cooler for it , and was wondering if anyone is currently using an aftermarket one.

If so, any suggestions or recommendations on specific item would be appreciated.

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  1. I've heard good things about the Accelero Rev. 2. Although, without a fan on it, it'll just be passive cooling and would rely a bit more on your airflow, which could be good or bad depending on your case. Either way, though, passive cooling results with it on the 4850 have been shown to be very very good.
  2. tested with Accelero rev.2, Auras Fridge and HR-03 GT all manage to coll 4850 very good with a slow\silent fan
  3. I remember using Accelero cooler for my Powercolor X1950...
    It sure was quite...

    Hmm.. how about those GV1000, or VF1000?
  4. Any cooler that fits on the HD 3XXX should fit. The cards are not inherently hot, just how slow they run the fan, and the single slot cooler.
  5. keep in mind sizes of those coolers befor buying especially in crossfire
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