Fast response needed - cheap quiet case

I think the video card I'm ordering is going to sell out quickly. Need some quick info on cases. (Price went up on the one I was planning on.) Looking for the cheapest thing that will be very quiet and have at least decent airflow. Don't care for windows and flashing LEDs.

I don't care for the antec 300, looking at these two at the moment

Hit me with your best cheap and quiet!
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  1. Here ya go
    $50 (Cooler Master Centurion 5)
    $50 (Sunbeam Silent Storm)(I suggest replacing the fans tho, if you don't like LED's)but this one I have reccommended for other people, and they are happy with it.
  2. Any difference between that centurion and the one I listed?

    I just realized shipping doesn't combine, so I might end up grabbing the case from somewhere other than newegg. Since it's a budget thing and cases are big I think something with free shipping is probably necessary if it's from new egg. The only one I saw was this one:

    Any thoughts? Other ideas?
  3. I would stay away from rosewill myself. The cooler master 690 has very good cooling for being a budget case, but that's with all the fan slots filled I believe.
  4. @justjohn the cases are internally similar, however the front is different (no LED's for one) It is all mesh, instead of solid plastic/metal. Personnaly I'd go with the Sunbeam tho.
  5. Looks like frys has the antec p180 for $70. Too good to pass up. Going for it.
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