Thinking about getting the Kingston 40gb Boot Drive

I have been reading reviews on the upcoming SSDNow V Series 40GB Boot Drive and I have to say that it is looking tempting, but, I have some concerns. Trim is NOT one of them :-0

- Other than system boots/shutdowns will I actually notice any gains? If all of my apps and games are on a secondary hard drive my performance is still limited to that of the secondary hard drive. All of the benchmarks out there don't seem to touch on performance of apps and such that are on a secondary HD.

In short.... where's the beef??

Any and all input is appreciated :-)
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  1. Windows and apps installed on the ssd will be fast. Everything else will be the speed of whatever data drive you put in, or the speed of the NAS you connect up to for data.

    Most noticable speed improvements will be on boot up and opening any apps that are on the ssd. 40GB is going to be TIGHT though. I just installed Win7 on my ssd. Reduced the size of the swap file (since I have 8 GB of ram and probably wont need much swap), and removed hibernation (it also takes a huge chunk of space), installed basic utilities/apps, MS office, and MS updates, and I'm at 30gb+.

    I was eyeing one of these for my HTPC comps actually. Seems like something like that may be the perfect use for one of these new SSDs.
  2. I only plan on having my OS on the ssd. All apps games and extras will go on the regular hdd. By that I will be able to leave at least 20% on the ssd(8gb). I believe this sdd is really only intended for the OS and nothing more.

    I am still curious how it will play with my regular HD. If they play nice together I think this would be a great little upgrade.
  3. You should think about the intel drive. It's pretty cheap right now to.
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