Noise when not overclocked, no noise when overclocked...?

I dont know where to post this, i heard a noise in my case earlier today and i couldn't define where it was coming from exactly. I had my head in the case and couldnt confirm what was making my "noise" anyway... in a vain attempt of trying to torture my beloved pc i thought id turn the heat up and finally overclock it, i have a gigabyte mobo so just used easytune6 for a quick fix, i put it on level 2 with my e8400, put my head against the case and as if by magic my pc decided the noise had vanished??? now is this even possible?

Anyway.... i decided to un-overclock it and went back to easytune6 and clicked on default, windows loaded and again as if by magic the noise reappeared!? so i thought ill see what happens on level 1 and i havnt heard my phantom noise yet....

Now what do you think caused the noise? and is there anyway i can just have my pc at default again with out this noise?

it's just like a buzzing/beeping but its not my psu, not cpu (as far as i am aware but there asre no moving parts to make a noise?), i dont think it can be my GPU as it would still be noisy after the quick OC, not my hard drive so i am stumped....

Any help is gladly thanked in advance!

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  1. buzzing could be a fan go through the case and stop the fans one at a time see if you can find it. To stop fan just touch with your finger.
  2. i tried that mate that is why i am so confused... thanks though
  3. i think it has gone now though? mind you keep the suggestions coming cos maybe i will hear it again??
  4. If you run a 3D application does the noise come back?
  5. Denominus said:
    If you run a 3D application does the noise come back?

    ok so the noise was yesterday??? i've powered up my pc today and so far no noise.... so i dont know wether to just ignore it and keep an ear out or what?

    but i ran autotune from CCC and it took ages and i think it overclocked the GPU too high because the screen would crash and then the system would reboot. however during the process no abnormal noises, and i believe the sound went when i was running a game too earlier that day- i know the speakers may have drown the sound out but i did leave the game running and put my head too the case and couldn't hear my described noise!?

    So i don't really know what to do... currently i have put my pc back to its default clock, and so far *touch wood* i have only heard the normal noises from my system

    maybe it just needed a good nights sleep? plus my room was sooo hot because of the so called "heatwave" lol so maybe it had something to do with ambient temprature?

    fingers crossed, the sound has gone? but i am a bit worried that it will come back and i'm still no further forward into resolving it, if it does....

    thanks rob
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