Call of Duty 2, 4 low performance (FPS)

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I'm new here and I hope that I put this topic into the correct subsection. I'm having problems with Call of Duty 2 and also Call of Duty 4, you see I just got a new computer about 5,6 days ago, and It worked so very well for about 3 days. I was so happy that I could run the game on highest graphic 1240x, 4xAA, DX9... and so on and I had I had 250 FPS constantly with no problems, even 1000 if I set it, but problems begun to appear 2 days ago (I don't know why but It just happened) my FPS started falling down in CoD2 very ofter, I had like 150,180.. 239 I couldn't even reach 400, even 333 was a problem. Then also in call of duty 4. I tried to update all of my component's drivers even formation and putting on new windows but nothing changed :( oh and by the way, sell man from my computer store ( where I bought this PC ) said that if I won't be able to play games.. or something like that I can bring the PC back to him and he will replace the mainboard ( he said that maybe it's a little bit too low and that he could give me a better one ) Now I'm asking you, what could be the problem, maybe some settings reset, (I didn't changed the settings anyway ) mainboard bad...? please, help me.

Mainboard: Intel Dragon Tail BLKD p35DPM
CPU: Intel Core2Duo, e8400
Ram: DDR2 2GB, 800mhZ
Power supply: 650W Sweex
Graphic card: Gigabyte Geforce 260 GTX 896Mb
OS: Windows XP sp3, latest updates

CPU: 55
GPU: 56
HDD: 38
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  1. This is just a guess based on problems i have read about before.
    In game when your FPS starts to fall does using ALT /TAB make any difference ? This used to be a way of checking to see if the memory buffer on the card was getting over full. It was a problem Nvidia used to have with its 8800GTS 320/640 cards. Im just guessing as i said but its possible that the problem has resurfaced with the 260.
    If you haven't tried the ALT/TAB thing yet try it and let us know if it makes a difference.
    Mactronix [Sorry where are my manners this morning. Welcome to the forum :) ]
  2. No, it's still the same.
  3. Guys, any more ideas what could it be ? How about if I try other windows, like windows vista, I can make dual boot and vista also supports Dx 10... or it's a bad idea ?:P
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