hd 4850 heat.. is it really a problem?

Now theres all these people saying how hot the 4850 cards runs, but it seems that ever one that actually owns the card has no problems..

so is there really any problem with this heat or is everyone just being a baby??

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  1. The stock fan is fine, but the default fan speed is not. I lowered my idle by 20'C with:

  2. yah, it runs hot, but that is not a problem at allllllll.
  3. You think that ATI will sort this out with a new driver?
  4. They run the fans slow as they can because they want it quiet. 80-90c should not hurt the card. my 8800GTX touched 88 on warm days.

    A small bump in fan speed gives a large drop in temps.

    @ 35% fan speed a 4870 loads(folding) around 60 vs 82. Its a little louder then i would like, but still not too much of a pain. For normal use the fan control is left on auto.
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