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If there is 2 or more qualities in a schematic, what does it mean? Does it
mean I don't need a 950 in both Cond and OQ and as long as I have 500/1000
it will still produce the same ???
Experimental Quality:
Conductivity: 50%
Overall Quality: 50%
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    It means it uses both characteristics in the material
    to determine how many experimental points you get. So,
    if you'd get 10 pts for 1000 quality in both, you'd get
    only 5 if one quality was 0, and the other 1000.

    Basically, for all the ingredients, you take the quality
    of the material and multiply it by the percentage. Add
    those all up and that's the "effective" value.

    So your 950 conductivity is multiplied by 50%, which is 475.
    Take the other statistic (OQ?) and multiply by 50%, and add
    that to 475 to get the total value of the material.


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