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My Matshita UJ-850S on my Toshiba Equium 32 bit Windows 7 has stopped working. When I check I get message that Windows cannot run it or it is corrupt, (code 39)

Can you tell me what has happened, please? And how I can fix it?

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  1. So this Matshita UJ-850S is your DVD-RAM drive?

    Have you made sure you have the latest drivers from Toshiba's website?

    Have you made sure the disc you're trying to read is clean?

    Have you made sure that the DVD-RAM drive's SATA data+power cables are securely connected?

    Bear in mind that DVD-RAM drives have issues reading some types of DVDs, so it may be an issue with the type you're trying to use.
  2. Yes to all those queries. The Panasonic discs I tried to read were read by my friends Dell Laptop,and downloaded via memory stick to mine.

    SO, I definitely have a problem with the drive.
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