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I don't have a usb in front of the computer so i want an extension cord, i see all these 2.0 usb cables but do they work if my computer is 1.0? they don't say if they are backwards compatible. I want to get one that is cause i don't want to get another one when i get a computer that is 2.0.

(check it out $6.99 shipping for a $0.99 item)

Second, when i get a new computer, is the fastest way to transfer data from my old computer to my new computer is by usb hookup?

Then same question as above, will the cord work from an old computer on 1.0 to the new computer at 2.0? Is there any problems from an windows XP to a vista transfer?
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  1. 1) The cables do not care if your pc is usb 1 or 2, it makes no difference, same goes for Vista/XP they do not care about the cable.

    2) The fastest way to transfer the old data to the new pc would be to directly connect the old hard drive to the new pc, would be MUCH faster if you have lots of data to copy.

    3) ? Not sure what that cable does as the specs on newegg don't say, nor does the manufacturors website.
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