HD 4870, HD 4850 overheating = NVDA fan boys?

Hey guys i have 2 4850s and 1 4870, after the easy to do hotfix and installation of catalyst 8.7 beta drivers i have my fan settings at 30 % where i have idle temperatures of 40 celsius and load temps of 65 celsius. At 30 % the fans are quiet too. What is all this NVDA fanboyism of people complaining about high temperatures? Is it really that hard to edit two lines of a driver text file in order to fix your fans?

Btw the 4850 and 4870s are awesome. Playing age of conan, COD 4 and crysis pretty much maxed out with steady FPS

So anyone looking to buy a 4850 or 4870 there are no overheating problems, just driver problems which can be fixed easily.

Anyway gl
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  1. Man, i want to sell my X2 very much and buy two 4850s instead.

    Don't worry those are just fanbois don't listen to them :)
  2. Nice work FugBen, any chance you could let fellow ATI owners know where to locate and how to edit this particular file.
  3. Create a catalyst profile, name it "fan fix" or something.

    Make sure you enable viewing of hidden folders.

    C:\users\(youraccountname)\AppData\Local\Ati\Ace\profilename.xml - open this in notepad

    The lines you want to change are:

    <Property name="FanSpeedAlgorithm" value="Auto" /> - this needs to be set to manual
    <Property name="Want" value="27" /> - set this to whatever, I used 60

    It'll bring down the temperature of the card considerably.


    I own a 4850 in my 2nd pc and 2 gtx260's in my main gaming pc - and the 4850 runs hotter under load than both gtx260's.

    Don't sugarcoat it and then howl "fanboism."
  4. It could be that or the hassle for some inexperience users that wouldn't feel comfortable creating a new fan profile and editing a file. I have my 4850 set at 50% and even if it was set at 15% It wouldn't bother me too much because by the time the card dies from the excessive heat it'll be outdated and I'll have something new. My air cooling is quite extreme with my Scythe Ultra Kaze 3k rpm 120mm fans, and if I turn it up around 2500rpm it's louder than my AC :D, so air circulation isn't a problem.
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