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I recently posted a thread on a upgrade to my PC with a Phenom II build.

However inspired by the $600 SBM and the overclockability (which should be in the dictionary) of the E5200 and it's only £50 so I was going to gove it a go.

So I was wondering what motherboard to get in order to achieve a good overclock.

I was thinking: ASUS P5Ql SE, with a P43 northbridge and an ICH10 southbridge for £56
Also considering a: ASROCK P45DE P45 - £62 with a P45 chipset which I heard was good for overclocking.

I'm not exclusively buying from ebuyer, anywhere will do.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I've seen a guy get 3.5Ghz on a G31 motherboard, IMO I'd go with ASUS.
  2. I don't think you would need p45 because the fsb on the e5200 doesnt go much higher than 300-330. My mate has a p5ql pro with the fsb at 300 and multi at 10x. Don't think the fsb will go much higher from what i've read myself. Just get the p43 because that is perfectly sufficient.
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