eVGA step-up program anyone ever done it?

I have been hearing about eVga's step up program for ages now on this site and would like to get views on it from those that used it or know alot about it.

How does it work?

What did you think of it?

How long is it, 90 days only?

Is it good value?

Any hassle?

Whats the story with postage, who pays, how much etc?

What valutation do they give on the cards you buy, when you trade in? ( say I buy a gtx260 for €240 now and the price drops to €180 next month, what trade in value will I get? )

From Ireland.

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  1. You are credited with what you paid, but you are charged EVGA's "List Price" which is generally well above what you retail.

    Normally it's only 90 days, but often EVGA will give exceptions to the Top Model cards until a new Faster Model is released.
  2. Thanks Zen.

    Plan is to get 2 new cards for my 2 pc's.

    One is going to be GTX 260 €256 ( €25 more expensive than similar model ) replacing 8800gt on 22 inch


    Other is 8800gs €66 ( replacing 7600gt ) on 32 inch 720p


    Is it worth it, money wise?
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