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Morning every one, I'm at my wits end trying to configure a USB port so that my canon printer will work using LPT1. Have tried going through Priner and Fax/ properties. Using the virtual usb option no go. and then tried the local port option. Any help will be more tham welcome. Cheers Leo
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  1. Well elmtree, I'm not certain of what the situation is. Is the printer a parallel printer or a USB printer?

    Are you trying to make a USB port print using lpt1? This is not going to happen. I know of no redirect to have a USB port output to a printer using lpt1. They are two different connectors.

    To get a parallel printer to work on a USB port is going to be a challenge without a USB to parallel adapter cable.
    You can get one of them at Tiger Direct (among many places)

    It will also be a bigger challenge to make a parallel port send to a USB printer.

    If the computer has no USB port, they are available just about anywhere computer accessories are sold.
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