Computer reboots after a few seconds in UT3


mobo: p35-ds3l f8f
cpu: Q6600 @ 3.17Ghz
GPU: 9800 GTX (lastest XP driver)
Ram: Gkill 4gig (2*2)
cooler: Xigatek s1283
PSU: Corsair 750
Sata dvvd dl drive
case: Antec 900

I install everything for Unreal Tournament III from the CD. I begin playing the game and my computer rebooted. What could have caused this to happen?
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  1. sounds like your OC is unstable - i had the same problem, no other game apart from UT3 would pick it up, give your stuff more juice or loosen your rams latencies or something :)
  2. thanks rammedstein for the quick reply
  3. Run prime95 to test oc stability.
  4. You must run Prime95 to ensure your stability
    You have to keep it running at least 8 hours and best 24hours
    Quickly run 3DMark06 and see
    if the same happens your OC is not stable
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