How good is your cable management? [PICS]

hey all was was building another system a few days ago for a relative, nothing fancy:
c2d E7200:2gb corsair DDR2:8400gt (no gaming here):WD 320Gb Blue (single Platter):corsair VX 450.

anywho, i noticed that i soend 40min putting it together and at least that again doing cable management.

so any way do you bother with loads of cable amnagement?
pics would be great.

BTW: by no means is my system a benchmark to go by, i actually ran out of cable ties :).
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  1. oh by the way the way that is a Asus p43 in a coolermaster elite.
    Sorry for my shoddy photo skill, the camera on my HTC kaiser is a bit naf.
  2. Hey, that looks pretty good. Certainly better than my last system. I'm planning a new one currently and looking at a modular psu to help with the cable management.
  3. Here's one I did for someone the other day:-

  4. Large picture, sorry :P

  5. Once I get rid of that damn PATA drive, I might be able to route the main ATX cable behind the motherboard tray.

    i think i spent like two hours or so getting every cable in place. Went through a heck of a lot of zip ties :)

    Edit (not shown): one more DVD drive, fan cables are now routed behind tray and connected to a 5v modded molex connector.
  6. ncie work skittle. I think i am going to do something similar on my up and coming PC im about to build. Except im going to take it a step further and spray paint every cable possible, black. So if its not sleeved or already black, im going to spray it black. I hope this turns out well, just gota be careful near the connectors. may have to paint with a brush the closer i get.
  7. watching this just made me want to re-do my rig so it look´s like yours.
  8. nice, any more pics anyone?
    looks like you guys arnt as religious as i am, excluding skittle: BTW i have the same GPU as you onmy primary machine, (assuming is a hd4850) also gald to so see support for corsair PSU's. this is the first one ive bought, and im impressed, it even came in a mesh bag!

    please post your PIC to, especially if they are BAD :).
  9. K so my cables are kind of short making the more tidy reaches hard and considering its not modular i think its a damn fine job. I can tell you right nwo my next build will have modular cables.
  10. oh and the wire sticking out by the psu is the case fan wire and this is an antec 300^ and damn i want a corsair 620hx
  11. Had to redo my system, since my P6N's 650i chip cracked. :cry:

    So I did a quick pic of the DFI P35 DK T2RS I reinstalled in my case:

    I think it's kinda sloppy.. but I'm happy with how it is. :lol:
  12. jpbg: i really reccomend a Corsiar supply: altohugh its only the TX (i think) that are modular the VX supply from my PIC isnt modular, however i just routed them to the behind side of the case to hide them.

    grimmy: those sata cable look long, i hate how short they often are.
  13. Heh.. I didn't even use the new sata cables that came with the DFI, which are orange. Ya, they are long, which can help. Just neatly tie strapping can be a lil annoying. :D
  14. that DFi board really stands out with all that orange, and i prefer the p35 to 650i, so i would call that an upgrade :)

    what ram is that you got in there? it looks like the OCZ reaper?

    the MB from my pic has the 24pin connector in a really horrible place making cabling a bit of a chore.

    im gonna try and get some more pic of my main system and my older system.
  15. Umm.. hehe, the ram is Mushin. I have Thermaltake CL-R0026 Aluminum Heatsinks replacing the Heat Spreaders that were on them. I did have Crucial Ballistix in there but took them out.
  16. grimmy: cool do those thermaltake heatsink make much of difference?

    ok, i took a picture of my main machine (did a bit of cabling wheni opened it up too.)

    specs for that is
    C2D e6300 at 2.45ghz (350FSB)
    2gb corsiar cheapo ram ( i got it when it was expensice)
    2X 160gb cavier
    hd4850 with akasa VGA cooler, as the original one ran either hot or with the XML mod really loud.
  17. i i should point out that it really was much better until i installed that HD4850 which restricted the access to the Sata this being my first full length GPU. so its a bit of a squeeze down there.

    im glad that i dont really have to deal with IDE cable to much any more, thats what make cases really messy.
  18. I think it does, hard to say exactly.

    Since I use an IR Thermometer to figure out temps externally, with the HS on the muskin, or even my other ballistix's, the original heat spreaders registered around 49-50C. With those other HS from Thermaltake, the IR pickes them up around 32C for the muskins, 36C ballistix.

    The reason why I say it's hard to say, those HS replacements are lil thicker casing. So it's hard to say if the heat is being masked.

    I did run my memory voltage at 2.6v for the ballistix, which I do remember on load (prime95 blend test) they reached 43C. Heh, and they still seem to work. I may retest them in my other rig.
  19. yeah i can under stand that considering it is thicker, although the more metal you have the conductive material there is to absor the heat
  20. Forgot to mention the thermal pad it came with, which also makes it even thicker, but thinner when you tighten the screws. :oops:

    But I did get temp readings in the low 40's on load. So I'm guess its doing its job. I agree more metal, it should absorb more heat.

    I remember my copper 7700 Zalman, which I still have on my old P4, did allot better then the stock on load, but idle at the same temp as the stock did.

  21. ok here is my last pic, it is of my olf P4 system before athlon really hit it big.

    it uses the old 423 socket, which means RD ram, currently i have 2X256 and 2X128 so thats 256 less than a dig, but for browsing internet or watching films on it is fine.

    like many 423 it is a Micro ATX so it is hard to keep cables tidy, i acutally cut some of them back at the PSU, becasue i can fit 20 molex supporting device and 4 floppy drives :).

    BTW: i managed to get vista running on this 1.5ghz relic. i upgraded the RAM to what it is now with another 256X2 on its way to make it a Gig, gave it a 5700le and finally i installed Tiny vista, whihc is a cut down version availbe from the pirate bay, NOTE: i do have 5 license keys for 3 PC's for vista so i arnt steeling anything, if you download it make sure you have a legit Lic key. ( :non: )
  22. O0O0O im gonna put up my disaster of cable management!!! XD
  23. ive posted pics before but here they are again.

  24. ifor: nice system, if i were you i would rotate your CPU cooler 90 degrees so the hot air blows into the fan at the top so it is expelled imedatly.
  25. dobby: no if its quad it would benefit from begin turned 90 degrees but on a duo the heat pipes work most efficiently in that orientation so it actually works better
  26. thanks for the reply jpbg, that's really interesting, i never considered that the heat pipes would make that much of a difference. i just assume that any thing like that would be quickly over ruled by the quicker explelling of the hot air from the case. i see if it affected turn 90 or left as is. damn i would have to get an antec and a tower cooler.
  27. mine needs some love and care hehe , not too bad though.

  28. Finally finalized my build with a Lian Li A70 to replace a cramped Antec 900. Makes it so easy for cable management.

  29. samuraiblade: thats one crowded case, IDE cables, i seem to rember them, lol.
    jcorqianL: i know what you beena about big cases, i build a system a while ago with a coolermaster wavemaster, which was great to work with. for my next major build i want to go wiht a CM690
  30. wow nice GTX280's jcorqian wat fps do u get in crysis with them bad boys? :P
  31. yea i was gonna say those GTX's look dasmn impressive, to have them in a case and to totally over crows justgoes to show how good lian li cases are. what Motherboard is that 790i ?

    damn iwish i could afford more than my hd4850

    PIC4 for wire routing in my antec 900 zoo with everything + a kitchen sink inside...
  33. Those are 260's for which I spent a total of slightly over $600, stepping up from 9800 GTX's after EVGA reduced prices. Plays Crysis on Very High/High hybrid with 2x AA about 45-55 FPS on avg. Mobo is the 780i standard from EVGA. Wish I could have waited for the 4870x2, but I started this build in May (intending to finish it in May as well haha). SLI 260's are second best price/performance in my opinion due to OC capabilities to the 4870x2. Nowadays the 260 can be found for like $240.

    As for the Lian Li, barring any mobo size change, I don't plan on buying another case for about 10 years. Seriously.
  34. I would want to buy another case if i spent much on one. but having a reusalbe case bare it own problems, when you get new kit but want to keep the old compoents you end up still having to buy another case. i have kept all my old machines back to PIII, they all get used for servers or linux'y things.
  35. Best cable management EVER in my file server LOL

  36. what res you playin at jcorqian?
  37. i have no pics of the back..

  38. chookman, thats some elite cabling there :)
    how many gigs of storage do you have? and why would you need all that.
  39. haha, yeh it was one of those things. Started doing it right and just went arghh screw this lol

    Its 8x500gb in RAID 5 so about 3.18tb, what do i use it for? pron what else haha
  40. xringx: What in the hell is that little **** fan doing on the MOSFETS?
  41. HA! Keeping them cool... There is even a special made clip for a fan, but Abit doesnt send them with the box, so I made some.

    I have a dinky one on the NB too (now called MCH apparently)

    I like fans... I have lots and lots of fans.... check out my sig.. it dont include those little 40mm fans...
  42. and stop jacking up your post count....
  43. porn, should of guessed.

    xringx, that fan is a little OTT, eventually that will start to whine.
  44. xringx said:
    HA! Keeping them cool... There is even a special made clip for a fan, but Abit doesnt send them with the box, so I made some.

    I have a dinky one on the NB too (now called MCH apparently)

    I like fans... I have lots and lots of fans.... check out my sig.. it dont include those little 40mm fans...

    Haha , i can see the small one on the NB now too. Do they really help that much? Ive got 8 x120mm fans in my gaming machine so i cant talk.

    If its now call the MCH they are going to have to change it again when Nehalem comes out, considering MCH (Memory Controller Hub) wouldnt make much sense when the memory controller is on the CPU (IMC)
  45. I dont know how much they help. Before I chose this board, most of the OC threads mentioned the need to cool the MOSFETS... and there are screw holes for the the NB, so I just purchase fans and installed them 1st time.

    I dont think I really need them, but I have a fan fetish
  46. Anyone else got a Cosairs 750XT and P182 and managed to keep the cabling CLEAN? I swear, the amount of cables I see on the lower watts PSU is like half as much as the 750W...

    Cable management on the 750W is a nightmare.
  47. hmm im fiarly sure that there is not a HUGE difference, just more PCi express power.

    didnt you get a moular PSU for that money.

    do what i do, and put it behind the motherboard try. also if you have no intension of using that many cables, you can cut the exess off at the PSU that what i did on my micro atx case.

    post some PIC so we can take a look see.
  48. dobby said:
    also if you have no intension of using that many cables, you can cut the exess off at the PSU that what i did on my micro atx case.

    Are you quite insane? You cant just cut them off, not only will you have power leakage, but youll have bare live wires inside your case. Anything could happen.
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