Overclocking First Time!

hey guys. so i just completed my first build, and now i want to overclock

i would like to achieve about 3.6, and have been told this is very possible with my cpu and mobo set up. I used the gigabyte utility easytune to achieve 2.9ghz. My core temp idles at about 39 and during prime 95 for 2 hours peaked at about 64. Like i said i am just trying to get 3.6-3.8 as im told that is the speed you get the best fps at. I dont know if i have to overclock my ram or my gpu, so i guess advice there would rock too! I had been told gigabyte had a pdf for overclocking to 4 ghz, i found it, but it was made for the Gigabyte Extreme MOBO and dont know if the same settings would apply to the UD4P. Any help or advice would really rock, I am a noob, and have not ever really messed around with BIOS settings.

the easy tune has my settings at 2.9ghz , BCLK at 140

there are other advanced options on the easy tune, but they seem to me more geared towards the higher end i7. the most extreme setting the BCLK to 160, i didnt know if that was too high or not and decided not to use it

also, when overclocking, what temps should be normal, just to make sure my cpu cooler is doing its job

HAF 932
intel i7 920 d0 steeping
gigabyte ud4p
ocz 6 gb getting timings 7-7-7-19 at 560 mhz
Scythe Mugen 2
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  1. ok so i update, i found the pdf for the gigabyte extreme and varied some of the choices, and heres what happened

    i raised the bclk to 180
    dropped the memory mutiplier to 6x (540 mhz 8-8-8-20)
    changed the UNcore ratio to x13
    changed the voltages to cpuvcore - 3.125v, QPI - 1.315

    am currently running prime95 real temp is saying my CPU temp is 69 degrees, Easy Tune the gigabyte utility is saying it is 53 degrees.

    when i turned the memory ratio back to auto, the system failed to boot

    i was idling at 38c, but keep in mind my room is hot right now, room temp is 29 C

    does this look good? or can i make some different tweaks to get things to go a little more smoothly

    also what should i do about the memory, are the timings ok as is, or should i increade them a bit??
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