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Hi Guys,

I know this isn't really related to this forum but I'm looking for a solution for a problem I have. I'm a computer technician, and being one I go around installing CD's all the time. I have a pack of CD's with me, I usually carry discs like:

Windows XP - Windows 2000 - Windows Vista (32/64 bit) - Windows Seven (32/64 bit) - Slax live linux - Ultimate Boot CD - Mac OSX 10.4 - Mac OSX 10.5 - Mac OSX 10.6

and I'd really love to STOP carrying these discs and instead put them all on my 500GB external USB hard drive.

I already have them on the drive as ISOs (for backup) but what I really want to do is just BOOT from the usb drive, and then get a menu that asks me which iso I want to boot from, I choose it and - TADAM! the computer boots from that ISO.

I already know there is no program that does this, but at this point I will PAY GOOD MONEY if somebody can do this for me. I thought maybe one way would be to create a separate partition on the drive for every ISO and then use a boot manager to choose which one to boot from.

If it's not possible through a hard drive, I can also consider a solution that involves an SD Card reader and multiple micro SD cards (if that would be fast enough)

If anybody wants to take on this project please e-mail me a quote to INFO <AT> SPEEDGEEKNY <DOT> COM

Thank you!
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    didn't read the whole page, but it looks promising. It's for a usb stick but the menu program should work with a normal drive.
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