Help! GPU/PSU Issue

I recently reinstalled XP on my desktop only to find that my FPS in Flight Simulator 2004 were reduced by half. I reinstalled XP, FS9, defragmented, downloaded newest drivers, updates, etc, but nothing worked. I am convinced that my problem is not a software issue.

In Flight Simulator 2004, whenever I moved my view to complex sceneries and buildings the frames took a dive. I got typical FPS when looking directly at the ground or very simple, sparse scenery. This clue hinted me that my X800XL was fading on me. Here's where I need help...

I have a feeling that my PSU (400W, 2 +12 rails at 14 and 15V) is not able to supply my X800XL and Arctic Cooler. It is about 1 year and 2 months old. A feasible next step would be to replace my PSU with a single rail PSU and see what happens. My questions...

1). Will replacing the PSU fix my problems or is my X800XL fried?
2). Does it make sense that my FPS are low because of a graphics related issue?
3.) Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.


P4 3.4Ghz
2GB Corsair RAM
80GB Seagate HD
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  1. I don't think the PSU will allow the gpu to run slower due to lesser power. The GPU will reset when current draw can not be matched or the PSU will go into reset and reboot.

    I've never heard of a GPU slowing down over time without predominant erros occuring (artifacting, crashes etc). The GPU clock and memory is set to run at said frequency, and if that doesn't occur then you start running into some problems that is visible.

    I have to ask whether you aren't pushing AA and AF too far? Or does FS2004 allow in game AA and AF with you toggling in CAT as well?
  2. Thanks for the insight. My AA anf AF are disabled within FS, but I typically set at 2x. In the past I used to run 8x and 16x with no problems.
  3. update the game or drivers
    reload drivers
  4. I did that with 3 different sets of drivers and updates- it didn't do anything.
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